2015: When I look back

By Mohammad Anas,

Fresh year is ahead but I am petrified of lies,
Like result of last year’s devastation upon my eyes.

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Poisonous hooch in India claimed around fifty lives in January,
Massacre of thousands of Nigerians by Boko Haram was quite scary.

As February started with devastation in India by swine flu,
Then ISIS beheaded mercilessly a dozen Egyptians without a clue.

In March, an airbus A320-211 marched to dark with 150 lives,
Ancient city sites of Iraq by ISIL were horrific hives.

April remained month of mourning in Kenya for mass shooting;
An earthquake blows the Nepal with thousands of lives muting.

In India Severe heat waves caused thousands of deaths of poor in May,
Again an earthquake hits India, Nepal, for innocent lives to pay.

June comes with more bloodshed in Ramadan by ‘Islamic State’,
They claimed bombing, open firing, just to change their fate.

Deaths were common in July and August during stampede,
And soul of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam was just about to fade.

September erupted with the explosion of cylinder leaked;
It ends with taking up thousand lives during hajj stampede.

October was badly hit by an earthquake again and again,
Thousand innocent lives in Afghanistan and Pakistan lost in vain,

November was dipped in the blood of Paris and Beirut’s innocents,
This was clear indication towards crystal and clean insolents,

December buried with mixed bag of good and evil,
Indo-Pak tied and UK cried for stormy flood devil….!!!

(By Mohammad Anas is a student of English literature at the Aligarh Muslim University.)