Indo-Kuwait Friendship Society demands lifting of ban on cow meat

IKFS write to President of India, Supreme Court chief justice

By TCN News,

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Kuwait: The Indo-Kuwait Friendship Society (IKFS), a non-profit socio cultural Indian association here has written to the President of India and the Chief Justice of Supreme Court of India demanding lifting of ban on beef (in some states) in India.

cow meat ban

“If Indians cannot eat their own (country’s) beef/meat, then it is better to stop getting foreign money by stopping exporting beef/meat. India is a secularist country. One state in India cannot impose a rule not to slaughter cow and not to eat beef. If Indian government doesn’t want foreign money, then we should stop exporting beef. The country cannot take double stand while beef eating is continuously prohibited in Maharashtra and elsewhere. Eating of beef is allowed by the creator of Universe – the world, almighty ALLAHU SWT not by a secularist government,” the IKFS said in a release here.

“We, as an NRI Association, wonder the dual attitude of India government consisting of rule of prohibition in Mumbai, particularly the so-called Maharastra as an Indian State. Almighty Allah has created cows for the benefit of men and women and children. Cows give milk and meat. While cows are allowed to produce milk, then it should also be stopped by Maharashtra government. Capping foreign money and thousands of people dependent on this cow slaughtering business is a crime done by Maharastra government. It should apologise to the people of India,” K Natarajan, secretary of IKFS, and AKS Abdul Nazar, general secretary of IKFS, said in the release.


“What plan has the government got to rehabilitate the large number of people working in the beef business, whose number is in thousands across the state? The government just cannot snatch away their livelihood and take away their legal means of earning their bread and butter,” IKFS questioned.

“What is more dangerous – To consume liquor or eating beef?” The Indian government already legalised “gay marriage” instead of removing evils from the society. Both Dalit community and Christian community eat beef in addition to Muslims. Because beef – cow meat – is considered as the cheapest meat they can afford for a protein-healthy diet,” the release said.

“If you want to ban slaughtering of animals such as cows, then it is better to ban goat, pork, chicken in addition to banning cabarets houses, alcohol and beer in the country to become a perfect non-secularist country. The government has done grave injustice to the large number of beef traders and the number of allied industries that thrived on it by imposing a ban on slaughter of bulls as well as bullocks. What action has the government taken for present escalation and increase in the prices of mutton, chicken and also of vegetable rates shooting up as the demand grows?” Dr Ghalib Al-Mashoor, president of IKFS asked and reiterated the demand of lifting the ban on slaughter of cows, bulls and bullocks.