More than 20,000 Muslim men and women attend Tablighi Ijtema in Manipur

By Dr Syed Ahmed for,

Imphal: The three-day state-level Tablighi Ijtema in Manipur which commenced on March 28 concluded on March 30 with a supplication (dua) for peace and prosperity in the state.

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The Ijtema was organized at the Kiyamgei Laphupat paddy field in Imphal East district.

The last day of the religious congregation was attended by around 20,000 Muslims, including women, from different parts of Manipur making it the largest congregation of Muslims in the state. The organisers of the Ijtema had made separate arrangements for the women, who came to take part in the supplication.

Tablighi Ijtema organized in Manipur

The Ijtema was graced by the presence of many distinguished Islamic scholars and Tablighis from the state and outside, including Delhi.

Some of the distinguished Muslim political figures of the state were also seen participating in the last day’s supplication. Haji Abdul Salam, Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha), Mohammad Abdul Nasir, Minister (Agriculture), Mohammad Amin Shah, Parliamentary Secretary (Minorities & Other Backward Classes) and MLA Fajur Rahim took part in the supplication.

Offering congregational prayers and delivery of sermons (waz) by well-known Tablighis on fundamental aspects of Tabligh Jamaat and the Islamic way of life as prescribed in the Quran and Hadith were the main itineraries of the three-day gathering. Devout Muslims in thousands stayed at the venue. Large tents were raised by using aluminum sheets.

The devout Muslims and Tabligh Jamaat members have been organizing such large Ijtemas in different locations every now and then in the state to strengthen the Islamic faith and consciousness among the Muslims. Besides state-level Ijtemas, district-level Ijtemas are also organised regularly. The Tabligh Jamaatis from the state also visit within and outside India for Tabligh activities.