Muslim Peace Coalition condemns Paris attacks, reiterates need for comprehensive strategy to combat terrorism

By TCN News

The Muslim Peace Coalition joined a host of global organisations in unequivocally condemning the terrorist attacks in Paris that killed more than 120 people

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The coalition once again reiterated the need for a comprehensive strategy to combat the cycle of hate-war and terrorism.

Over 120 innocent lives were unjustly taken in multiple and brutal attacks throughout the City of Paris. Although the details of who may have been responsible for these acts of terror are still uncertain and developing, the Coalition asserts that Islam denounces the taking of innocent lives, and teaches that the murder of one innocent person is like the murder of all of humanity.

“MPC-New York condemns these terrorist acts and expresses its sympathies, prayers and condolences to the victims and all those affected by the senseless violence perpetrated against the innocent in Paris, and demands that the terrorist release the innocent civilians who are reportedly being held as hostages,” said Seemi Ahmed, the co-chair of MPC-NY.

” We pray that these heinous acts bring the country of France, which has been torn by hate mongering by anti-immigrant and Islamophobic right wing political parties, together in resolve and compassion while their law enforcement agencies launch a thorough investigation into the bombings,” said Dr. Shaik Ubaid, the New York chapter co-chair.

When the terrorist attacks of 9/11 took place there was no organised hate mongering by the American political parties against American Muslims and no mass scale attacks took place against Muslims in the US. This was in stark comparison to the well-planned pogrom of Muslims in the Indian state of Gujarat after a train carrying volunteers from Hindu militant organisations caught fire in February of 2002. We hope France will follow the footsteps of the US and not of Modi’s Gujarat,” stated Dr. Ubaid.

“We urge the Western Muslim leadership to be proactive and not be content with the vigorous and unequivocal condemnations of terror committed by Muslim extremists. Most of these terrorist acts are committed by angry and alienated youth who are born or grow up in the Western countries. These youth are angry at the foreign policies of the Western governments which support tyrannical dictators and occupations in Muslim lands as well as they are angry at the alienation and racism they face in their Western countries. This anger is exploited by terrorist organizations such as Al-Qaeda and ISIS. Muslim organisations must work with civil rights groups and social justice organizations in their respective countries and devise programs to get these angry youth involved in learning peaceful and democratic means of dissent.”