Telangana to up quota for Muslims, STs in proportion to population

Hyderabad : Telangana government will go for a special legislation on the lines of Tamil Nadu to increase the quantum of reservation for Muslims in proportion to their population in the state, Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao said on Friday.

He also announced that the reservation for Scheduled Tribes (STs) will also be enhanced in proportion to their population as envisaged in the Constitution.

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The Chief Minister said this after two commissions constituted by the government to study the socio-economic and educational conditions of Muslims and STs submitted their reports to him.

Muslims, who constitute 12.68 per cent of Telangana’s 3.52 crore population, currently enjoy four per cent quota in education and jobs.

STs, who are 9.34 per cent of the population, are availing six per cent reservation.

The Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) had made election promise to increase the quantum of reservation for both Muslims and STs to 12 per cent each. The government in 2015 constituted two panels headed by retired IAS officers to study the socio-economic and educational conditions of these communities.

As the implementation of poll promises will take the total quantum of reservation to over 50 per cent, the ceiling fixed by the Supreme Court, TRS government proposes to request the Centre for a constitutional amendment as was done in the case of Tamil Nadu, where the total quota is 69 per cent.

The Chief Minister said there was a need for Tamil Nadu like legislation in Telangana to enhance the quota for weaker sections.

He said as Muslims were very backward, there was need for reservation for the community to provide them educational and job opportunities.

Chandrasekhar Rao also held a meeting with Deputy Chief Minister Mehmood Ali, Minister for Tribal Welfare A. Chandulal, and top officials to discuss measures to be taken to enhance the quota for Muslims and STs and to improve their socio-economic and educational conditions.

Advocate General Ramakrishna Reddy made suggestions as to how to take necessary steps as per the Constitution.