Indo Kuwait Friendship Society organizes Ramdan Ghabqa

By TCN News,

Kuwait: Indo Kuwait Friendship Society (IKFS) organized Ghabqa for galaxy of Kuwaiti, Indian and dignitaries at Ahmad Tower – Fatema Auditorium, Kuwait.

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Ghabqa is a local tradition celebrated in the month of Ramadan after Taraweeh prayers. The program was organized on Saturday evening at 10.30 pm. Before starting the main program Sunil Jain, Ambassador of India, came to the venue and graced the event.


A K S Abdul Nazar, General Secretary welcomed the guests and said that ‘Ghabqa’, a wonderful tradition of the locals has been adopted by the IKFS first time since establishment of IKFS in 2011.

Sayid Nasir Al-Mashoor Thangal, (Head of Foreign Exchange & Options at National Investment Co.), Former Board Member of Indian Community School and patron of IKFS admired IKFS team for organizing Ghabqa event and said that Ghabqa helps to foster strong ties amongst families and friends. He added that in fasting, by refraining from the natural human urges to satisfy one’s appetite, we are exercising our ability of self-restraint, so that we can then apply it to our everyday life to bring about self-improvement.


Aziz Bin Al-Rasheedi, Media Giant and known personality among Kuwaiti Public relations, as well as Bu Mohamed, a leading Kuwaiti businessman delivered complimentary speeches. They said they are very much honored to participate in the IKFS GABKA Event. Aziz said that these kinds of programs will help to strengthen the ties between Kuwaitis and Indians. This is a form of an expression where our love, friendship and gratitude to the wonderful peoples of both India and Kuwait.

Mohamed Meerasha Baqawi, President Kuwait Tamila Islamic Committee (K-TIC) also added some words in Urdu and Hindi language while telling to develop and strengthen our powers of self-control, so that we can resist wrongful desires and bad habits, and therefore “guard against evil”.

Talib Ba-Wazir, IKFS Patron said that Ramdan fasting will help us to learn to refrain from usurping other’s rights and belongings. In fasting we voluntarily give up even what is rightfully ours; how can then we think of taking what is not ours but belong to someone else?

The Chief Guest from Chennai Moulana H.A. Ahmed Abdul Cader Alim Mahlari, (A-Quran & Hadees Researcher, & Khateeb in Kayalpatinam Big Masjid) delivered Ramadan Message while saying that for the past almost 30 days we have been fasting and hopefully attained nearness and closeness to Allah so that Allah becomes a reality in our lives. He also said that fasting in Ramdan increases consciousness of Allah in our hearts.


Dr. Ghalib Al-Mashoor, in his presidential speech reiterated the Charity and generosity and urged to speed up especially during Ramadan. It becomes obligatory when the sun sets on the last day of Ramadan.

Dr.Al-Mashoor added, “We learn to give, and not to take. The deprivation of fasting makes us sympathies with the suffering of others, and desirous of alleviating it; and it makes us remember the blessings of life which we normally take for granted”.