“To maintain secularism and tolerance, it is necessary to work on Sir Syed’s thoughts”

Book releasing ceremony duirng the NAtional Seminar on Sir Syed

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Aligarh : The Sir Syed Bicentenary Committee, Aligarh Muslim University in collaboration with the National Academy of Letters, Sahitya Academy recently organised a two-day National Seminar on Sir Syed at the Arts Faculty Lounge.

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Allahabad University Vice Chancellor, Professor R.L. Hangloo inaugurated the programme, while Professor Farhatullah Khan (Prof Emeritus) presided over the function.

Book releasing ceremony duirng the NAtional Seminar on Sir Syed

During the inaugural function, Professor Hangloo said that the notion on Sir Syed being pro colonial is wrong as he never supported the British rule. He added that Sir Syed wanted to bring forth a cultural and education revolution for which he promoted English language.

Professor Hangloo further said that Sir Syed was a patriot, who was committed to the welfare of people. “Sir Syed made the British government in India think about social, cultural, educational and economic upliftment of common Indians,” added Professor Hangloo.

Prof Farhatullah Khan addressing at the National Seminar on Sir Syed

He added that while we celebrate Sir Syed’s Bicentenary, it is high time to ponder upon why we have not been able to produce people, who would walk on Sir Syed’s footsteps for the betterment of society.

“Today, when the world stands on the edge of clashes between civilizations, it is important that we implement thoughts of Sir Syed in real life to bring progress and harmony,” further said Prof Hangloo.

Noted critic, Professor M Shafey Kidwai said while delivering welcome note that it is high time to revisit Sir Syed’s works for taking his mission of education forward in new directions in the contemporary world.

Prof RL Hangloo addressing the NAtional Seminar on Sir Syed

“Considering the strife, which is present in today’s world, Sir Syed’s thoughts and ideas become even more important to bring resolutions for progress and betterment of society,” said Professor Kidwai.

Mr. Chander Bhan Khayal, Convener, Urdu Advisory Board, Sahitya Academy delivered the welcome address. He said that the Sahitya Academy stands proud for organising this programme on Sir Syed Ahmad Khan in collaboration with AMU.

Recollecting facts from history, Mr Khayal pointed out that Sir Syed lived in a period, which saw the 1857 war of Independence and had intellectuals like Mirza Ghalib and Rabindranath Tagore.

Delivering the keynote address, Professor Asghar Abbas said that Sir Syed lived at a time, when there were thinkers like Karl Marx in Europe. “Both Sir Syed and Karl Marx reformed the societies, they lived in.

During the presidential remarks, Professor Farhatullah Khan emphasised that to maintain secularism and tolerance, it is necessary to work on Sir Syed’s thoughts in today’s world.

Professor Maula Baksh conducted the programme, while Mr. Ajay Kumar Sharma, Assistant Editor, Sahitya Academy proposed the vote of thanks.

The programme also had the book releases of Professor M Shafey Kidwai’s, ‘Swaneh Syed: Ek Baaz Deed’; Mr Kaif Farshori’s ‘Bahar-e-Dostan Shora’; Mr Asad Faisal Farouqi’s ‘Aligarh Ki Urdu Sahafat’ and special issue of Sir Syed’s Tehzeeb-ul-Akhlaq edited Professor Sagheer Afraheem.