Samajwadi Party starts preparation for 2019 elections; ‘Desh Bachao-Desh Banao’ campaign to start tomorrow

By Siddhant Mohan,
Having faced a humiliating loss in this year’s UP state elections, the Samajwadi Party is will sound its bugle against BJP  with its Desh Bachao -Desh Banao rally from Ayodhya on Wednesday.
August 9 is observed as Kranti Diwas and Akhilesh Yadav have already termed the event as ‘Akhilesh ki Kranti’. August 9 is celebrated to remember the ‘Quit India Movement’ initiated by Mahatma Gandhi in 1942.
The whole campaign is based on the party’s allegation that Yogi Adityanath-led BJP government in Uttar Pradesh is “suppressing the voice of discontent”, and the campaign is set to address the “communal politics” of the state government. The upcoming campaign is one of the first major political events by Samajwadis against the BJP government in the state.
Moreover, Akhilesh Yadav is also looking forward to party’s national convention to be held in coming September and the campaign is being seen as the pretext of the same. The campaign will focus on the rising communal hatred, corruption, and rising crime graph in the state.
On August 9, Akhilesh Yadav will address the rally in Madna, a small town situated along Lucknow-Bahraich road, about 15 kilometres from Faizabad.
While addressing a press meeting in Lucknow on Monday, Akhilesh Yadav said, “BJP promised big things in its election manifesto, but they are failing to deliver them all. They are yet to tell that how will they double the farmer’s earnings.”
He also said, “With demonetisation and GST, BJP government collected a big amount of money. Now they should give Rs 5 lakh each for the marriage of Muslim girls.”
“Samajwadi Party will reveal the anti-social activities of the government through ‘Desh Bachao, Desh Banao’ campaign. RSS and BJP, who are breaking the country, will be exposed to the public in this campaign,” added Yadav.
However, some party leaders suggest the current campaign is aimed to re-organise the party before 2019 general elections. As Akhilesh Yadav took party president post on January 1 this year following an urgent national convention of the party, his formal election as national president of SP will be held in September’s convention. As per the new rules of the party, the party president shall hold the post for up to five years.
SP spokesperson Rajendra Chowdhary told, “Indeed it is a preparation for 2019 election, and this all an internal party affair. No other political group is supporting it.”
He also said, “We are mobilising workers, ground cadre and supporters of Samajwadi Party before the national convention to be held in September. Our main aim is to make the public aware of the anti-social activities of the government in the centre. BJP has completed more than three years in the centre, but the public is yet to see a harmonious society.”
However, Chowdhary denied that present campaign has any relation with the one that Mulayam Singh Yadav held in 2013. He said, “Yes, we can say that slogans of both the campaigns are similar, but there is no relation between them.”