Yusuffali MA, MD of Lulu Group, lauded by Government of India for contributions to Swachh Bharat Mission

Image courtesy- Yusuffali.com

By TCN News

Famous entrepreneur and philanthropist Yusuffali MA earned praise from Government of India for his contributions to India Development Foundation of Overseas Indian (IDF-OI) for the Swachh Bharat Mission.

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Image courtesy- Yusuffali.com

Yusuffali MA, who is an overseas Indian based out of the United Arab Emirates, has contributed to building community toilets in Vijayawada, Amritsar and Gangtok. Yusuffali, who is the chairman of the Lulu Group, is well-known for his contributions to humanitarian causes. Most recently, he contributed to building a community toilet in Tirupati.


“NRI @Yusuffali_MA’s contribution to IDFOI for @SwachhBharatGov gives 1600 Residents of Tirupati & thousands of pilgrims access to sanitation,” IDF-OI said in a tweet.

“An Overseas Indian from U.A.E, Mr. Yusuff Ali M.A. apart from being the Managing Director of the Lulu Group, is also a firm proponent of philanthropy whose symbolic achievements on the business and social front and ceaseless efforts to promote India amongst the Overseas Indians’ community have won him several accolades including the esteemed Padmashri award in 2008 and the Pravasi Bharatiya Samman Award in 2005,” IDF-OI says about Yusuffali on its page of success stories.

Congratulating IDF-OI on its initiative, Yusuffali said, “I think setting up of IDF-OI is one of the best initiatives of the Government. In my view, it is serving the dual purpose of tapping the much-needed funds for our community development and connecting the large Indian Diaspora with the nation building process. This surely makes us all feel very proud of India and its future.”

Yusuffali has in the past contributed substantially to the victims of the Latur Earthquake, Gujarat Earthquake, Tsunami Tragedy, Uttarakhand Floods & Landslides.

He was the first to contribute to the rehabilitation of the Calicut market fire victims when thousands lost their livelihood and during the amnesty period in the U.A.E. he was at the forefront by providing free air tickets including other facilities to hundreds of hapless Indians who could not even afford a ticket back to their motherland.

IDF-OI is a not-for-profit trust established by the Government of India with Sushma Swaraj as its chairperson.