BJP’s claim of protecting Muslim women is fraudulent, Talaq Bill satisfies Hindutva forces: SDPI

By TCN News

New Delhi:  The Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) condemned and opposed the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government’s desperate attempts to pass the Talaq Bill in Rajya Sabha during a press conference addressed in Delhi on Wednesday.  

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The party said it has scheduled a month-long intensive campaign across the country in February to oppose the BJP government’s move to pass the Talaq Bill – Muslim Women Bill 2017 (Protection of rights of marriage).

During their address, the party leadership, including Vice President Sharfuddin Ahmad, General Secretaries Mohammad Shafi and Elyas Muhammad Thumbe, Secretary Yasmin Farouqui and National Committee Member Dr. Tasleem Ahmad Rahmani, said, “The central government is running from pillar to post to pass the Triple Talaq Bill in the Rajya Sabha relying on fiction that it is going to help the beleaguered Muslim women. The Bill gives powers to police to arrest Muslim men without warrant claiming it is a non-bailable offence prescribing three-year imprisonment and pay ‘monthly sustenance’ during imprisonment. This is BJP’s political gimmick and part of its agenda to polarise the votes.”

“The BJP government — which has been trying to curb the religious freedom and rights of different religious communities including Muslims through so-called Uniform Civil Code — is now trying to present as great reforming force. But it is interesting that the great propagandist Modi himself is known for leaving his wife in the lurch. Most other Sanghi leaders do not have even the experience of leading family life. Clearly, the newborn concern for justice is not just an exercise for gaining political mileage but also a part of the implementation of its agenda to deny fundamental rights to the Muslims,” said the press statement released by the SDPI.

The BJP-led central government introduced and passed this Bill in haste in the Lok Sabha on December 28 allegedly by “throwing away all the legislative procedures.” According to this Bill, Muslim woman can file a complaint in police station alleging that her husband said ‘Talaq’ thrice at a time and the police can arrest the ‘alleged husband’ immediately without warrant and if the allegation is proved, he will be jailed for three years and has to pay monthly sustenance to his wife and children.

“There is no provision to check the reliability of the complaint by the woman. ‘Criminalizing’ the husband for a civil breach of law is draconian and harsh. How can he pay the ‘sustenance’ to his wife and family when he is in jail,” asked the leadership through their note in the press meet.

Supreme Court, in its recent judgment said uttering ‘talaq’ thrice at once is null and void as it is against the teachings of the Holy Quran. Most of the Ulemas welcomed the decision of the apex court. When a person pronounces ‘talaq’ thrice at once, the marriage will not become null and void once and for all according to the SC judgment. Then, is it not ridiculous to send a husband to jail for the reason that he has uttered triple talaq?

“The Modi regime very much interested in trampling upon Muslim personal laws that are when compared with existing family laws in the country more progressive and balanced. Divorce and desertion rate among Muslims when compared to other communities are low. BJP, which claims to protect civil rights of the Hindus, does not raise a finger against social practices which suppress women,” said SDPI in their press statement. “It wants to create misunderstanding and conflict among the people by creating non-issues. They rent women with Muslim names to spread calumnies against Muslim men,” said the statement issued by the party. 

SDPI further said, “BJP government’s claim of ‘protecting Muslim women’ through this Bill is fraudulent. Where was the government when the so-called ‘Gau Rakshaks’ lynched the husbands of Muslim women and turned them into widows?  Where were the defenders of Muslim Women’s rights when hundreds of women and children were burned alive in communal riots? Where are the protectors of Hindu women when thousands of them are abandoned and forced to beg to feed their children? Where is the government when even their ministers practice polygamy against provisions of Hindu Code?”

The party urged Indians to unite and oppose the hidden agenda of the BJP to ‘demonise Muslims’ and to raise the voice and tell the government in no uncertain terms to “stop the assault on personal laws.”