SDPI attacks Amit Shah, accuses him of communally polarising Karnataka

By TCN News

New Delhi: Elyas Thumbe, the national general secretary at Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI), took strong objection to the “irresponsible uttering” of the leaders of BJP including Amit Shah, who have been targeting SDPI on “fake, concocted and fabricated charges”.

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Thumbe said that the allegation raised by the BJP leaders are politically motivated to take electoral benefits by dividing the society into communal lines, in view of the failure of BJP on political and administrative grounds.

Commenting on Amit Shah’s allegations on SDPI, Elyas Thumbe said in a press statement, “Amit Shah, just after reaching Bengaluru where the election for the assembly is scheduled in a few months the repeated unfounded allegation against SDPI.”

“In the past as well, BJP has made several such statements, particularly when it realises its weak position, as in Gujarat election,” said Thumbe.

Elyas said, “Amit Shah moved to make statement as a tactic to scare the Congress from entering into alliance, and also to frustrate the consolidation of votes against BJP.”

“So as usual, Amit Shah has aimed to communally polarize the politics in the state of Karnataka. His attack on SDPI actually displays his fear caused into his party ranks in view of fast growth of SDPI in the country.”

Thumbe further said, “BJP has lost the public confidence. It has not only fell down in its position in Gujrat assembly election but also decreased voters about 10 percent in local bodies election in Uttar Pradesh.”

“Amit Shah is desperate to create a division of votes expected to be polled against BJP,” said Elyas.

The press statement further said, “SDPI well understands the tricks of Amit Shah, who has made himself acquainted to the fact that SDPI is able to give befitting reply to BJP countrywide, so he is depending on spreading canards against the SDPI which is growing as countrywide political alternative with constitutional values.”

“SDPI will not only take legal action against Amit Shah but also the political fight shall continue against the evil designs till the power to people is restored in a true and democratic sense,” said Elyas Thumbe.