Police delayed surgery of Kashif Jameel, brother of Dr Kafeel Khan, condition worsens

By Siddhant Mohan, TwoCircles.net

The health condition of Kashif Jameel, the younger brother of Dr Kafeel Ahmad Khan, who was shot Sunday night, had deteriorated by Tuesday evening and he had been referred to Lucknow, with the family blaming the Police for the failing condition of Kashif.

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According to the family members, Kashif’s blood has been infected badly three days after he was shot by two gunmen at almost point-black range.

Kashif sustained three bullet injuries: on the right side of the neck, right shoulder, and right forearm. He was admitted to Star Hospital of Gorakhpur for treatment. The family alleged that police deliberately delayed the treatment of Kashif Jameel which has resulted in the decline in his condition.

After receiving a police complaint from the family members of the Kashif Jameel, the police reached Star Hospital. The doctors at Star Hospital expressed their concern with Kashif’s family, saying the bullet in the neck could be fatal for him, and it was necessary to take that bullet out as early as possible. The same neck bullet injury was pushing Kashif’s right arm towards dysfunction, reported family members.

However, after reaching the Hospital, police took Jameel to the district hospital for medico-legal certification of the accident. After the certification was done, Kashif’s family wanted to bring him back to the Star Hospital for treatment but police pressurized for another medico-legal at Baba Raghav Das Medical College. When Kashif parents objected to the same, police called additional force and took injured Kashif to the medical college for another medico-legal, but college authorities denied as it was already done at the Gorakhpur district hospital.

Due to the unnecessary police interference, the surgery to remove the bullet from the neck could start only round 2.30 am, around three hours after he had been shot. This delay caused Kashif to collapse as his condition due to neck injury worsened.

Doctors removed the bullet from the neck, but could not remove the gunpowder debris from the wound as Kashif was not stable to sustain such a long surgery procedure.
On Tuesday evening, blood test reports confirmed that Kashif’s blood had indeed been infected. The family blamed this on the delay in the surgery and the fact that he was moved around the city in such a serious condition. Due to the same injury, Kashif could not breathe properly.

Kashif is the younger brother of Kafeel Ahmad Khan, the pediatrician from BRD Medical College Gorakhpur who was jailed even though he tried to save children in August last year when the medical college went out of the oxygen supply. Kafeel was granted bail only last month, after spending more than eight months behind bars.

The attack on Kafeel’s brother becomes more controversial because Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath was in the Gorakhnath Temple at the time the attack happened about 400 meters from the temple. Family members and local sources speculate that police’s interfering behavior is also questionable in the same line.

Praveen Nishad, the Samajwadi Party leader and newly-elected member of parliament from Gorakhpur, told TwoCircles.net, “I have met Kafeel and other family members and have assured them all the possible help. For us, the Samajwadi Party, the safe and healthy homecoming of Kashif Jameel is more important than the politics and accusations right now.”