Pune based Muslim techie completes one month of Satyagraha against forced termination

By TCN News:

Advocate Shahid Nadeem, lawyer for legal cell of Jamiat Ulma Maharashtra Mumbai has joined in supporting Aman Khan, the techie who was forced to resign from his job in EXFO, Quebec-headquartered multinational company in Magarpatta, Pune.

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Aaman Khan was harassed mentally by his manager Kishore Kotecha for wearing ‘religious attire’ and for his religious practises in office. The manager said that it was against the company policy when Khan defended that it was his constitutional right to practise his religion. Although there was no such policy of the company in reality.

Aaman Khan( in white shirt) with advocate Shahid Nadeem and urducity.in staff

After continuous harassment and threats from the senior Manager Kotecha, Khan was forced to submit his resignation in the  month of June. But Khan however has written to the company at Canada regarding their policy and has so far not received any reply. In the meantime he has also sought intervention from the Labour Commission of India, collector of Pune and Human rights activists.

Aaman Khan is on a satyagraha from August 15th 2018 as he believes in the Gandhian method of passive resistance and is hopeful that justice will be done to him sooner or later. He is joined by many activists and supporters in his lone battle for his basic fundamental right which completes a month on 15th September 2018.

UrduCity – a Urdu online news portal that publishes such stories is one among the supporters of Aman Khan.

Further Adv.Shahid Nadeem of Jamiat Ulma has written to the Chief Justice of India and also appealed to the Human Rights commission and all NGOs who are working for humanity and Justice in India to support Aaman Khan, 37 years, who is jobless at present and has 12 persons dependent on him.

Aaman Khan is demanding to be reinstated and abolition of discriminative practises in the company.

Adv shahid nadeem with aaman khan