Kashmir: Students and faculty members of Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah University stranded due to inaction of the VC

Image source: clikin

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The Vice chancellor of Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah University (BGSB) did not give any directions nor consulted the students and faculty members on staying or leaving the University campus at Rajouri which has a mixed population.

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While students from other institutes and universities were asked to leave the campus after the news of the advisory issued by the Principal Secretary was circulating on whatsApp groups and on TV channels wherein the tourists, pilgrims and students were asked to leave for their homes.

It was only after the VC of Kahmir University who came to BGSB for his son and daughter-in-law that the plight of other students came to light. A source close to TwoCircles.net spoke to the warden, Prof. Rakeeb and faculty of the university who disclosed that “Prof. Mehraj-ud-din, Vice Chancellor Central University of Kashmir arrived to the university to pick up his son and daughter-in-law. When he saw the students stranded at the University, he spoke to some officials and to Deputy Commissioner Rajouri and got curfew pass for a few university buses and private vehicles which were hired to carry the students and faculty to the safety of their home”.

There were 130 students including male and female students and 25 faculty members. The students with curfew pass were allowed to leave university campus around 3 am of 7th August. Those in Kashmir will take the Moghul Road and touch Shopian District by sun rise.

The warden cum faculty also mentioned that to send the students from other districts home they will try to reach out to the Kashmir University where arrangements are being made so that even students of Northern districts can be sent home.

“Most of the students are uncertain and worried about their safety while traveling home; what is more worrying is female students are travelling alone in these turbulent time”, Prof Rakeeb added