‘No one came to his rescue’: Muslim carpenter lynched in Saharanpur, leaves behind pregnant wife, 3 children

By Musheera Ashraf, TwoCircles.net 

Uttar Pradesh: On Thursday 18 June around 5:30 pm, thirty-year-old Israr left his village Imliya, which lies 4 kilometres from Deoband, on his motorcycle towards nearby Kutesra village.

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A carpenter by profession, Israr was going to measure furniture at a customer’s place.

While on his way to Kutsera, his close relatives told TwoCircles.net that Israr was, “beaten up mercilessly with sticks and rods in Dehra and no one came to his rescue”

Dehra village lies next to Imliya.

“They are saying that he injured a child (while riding his motorcycle) . I met that child and he is fine but they have destroyed our peace,” Gulfam, younger brother of Israr, told TwoCircles.net.

As Israr was riding his bike, the child had accidentally got injured, his family claims.

“I wish if they had lodged a complaint or kept him captive but they turned into demons and killed him,” he adds.

Israr is survived by his 3 small children and a pregnant wife. His eldest daughter is 6 years old. “We haven’t told anything to the children. His body was not in such condition that we could show it to them,” said Gulfam.

Gulfam added the untimely death of Israr has come as trauma for their family and Israr’s eldest brother is in depression after the incident.

The relatives are worried about the survival of the family as Israr was the only earning member.

Israr’s family claims that he is being misreported as mentally sick.

According to a report by ABP News, Israr is “called as mentally sick who was mistakenly beaten to death.

Responding to this Israr’s brother said that Israr was not mentally sick and was working as a carpenter. “They can tailor any story,” he says.

“He was a very religious person who was associated with Tablighi Jamaat and was confined to his family and work,” his close relative said.

The relative said that Israr was innocent and demanded punishment for the culprits.

After the news of Israr being beaten up reached the family, his elder brother along with other villagers, went to the spot where they found Israr in an injured condition. With the help of the police, they took him to Deoband hospital where doctors referred him to district hospital Saharanpur. He was rushed to Saharanpur hospital where he breathed his last.

Pertinently, a video surfaced of Israr ‘being lynched by people surrounding him with sticks’ went viral on social media. In the video, he can be seen lying on the ground helplessly.

“The video shows the truth. He was beaten mercilessly,” Israr’s relative said.

Following his death, an FIR was lodged on 19 June at Deoband against 11 people (all residents of Dehra).

When TwoCircles.net contacted the Inspector Deoband police, he refused to talk about the case and disconnected the call.

For Israr’s family, his untimely death is a tragedy. “No matter what people say, I have lost my brother and this is the biggest tragedy,” said Gulfam.