CFI accuses Yogi government of “terrorizing students” to cover up failure

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The Campus Front of India (CFI) has accused the UP Police of terrorizing students and journalists to cover up the failure of Yogi government in ensuring justice to Hathras rape victim.

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In an official statement, CFI has criticized the state government of “illegally arresting” Atikur Rahman, Masud Khan, driver Alam and journalist Sidheeq Kappan who were going to visit the family of the Dalit girl Manisha Valmiki on October 5. It has said that the state authorities are doing everything “to evade public revulsion against Yogi government due to the maltreatment of brutal rape-murder incident in Hathras.”

Speaking of arrests of journalists on duty, CFI has stated that the Yogi administration has arbitrarily imposed UAPA and sedition charges against them “in absence of any crime,” thus revealing “an extreme case of abuse of power.” In addition to it, the UP police came up with a series of lies and unfounded allegations against them falsely charging them of inciting “sectarian violence”, “fundraising” and “carrying dangerous literature.” CFI has regarded these allegations as “baseless and nonsensical.”

“It is an undisputed fact that the law and order situation in UP deteriorates horribly since Yogi Adityanath assumed office,” resonated CFI. It also highlighted the increasing incidents of atrocities against women in UP besides the state becoming the “rape capital of the country after BJP came to power.”

“It is a BJP delusion proposed by RSS that they can suppress the fight for justice by slapping horrible charges and creating an atmosphere of terror,” CFI said. It also discussed how the BJP government tarnishes protests that mounted all over the country in response to Hathras rape-murder and made “immense efforts to tamper with the statement of the victim” other than the police at one stage even claiming that “there was no proof of rape.” The forceful abduction of her body from the family and hasty cremation was an attempt by the police to destroy the evidence of rape. The police have cordoned the area and not allowed any rights activists or political leader to visit the bereaved family with the motive of thwarting any legal aid the family may get. All of these actions, CFI stated are UP government’s attempt of “hatching a conspiracy” in order “to protect rapists Thakur men.” These are nothing but the Yogi regime shielding “casteist criminals.”

 In the presence of draconian laws like UAPA, CFI said, “the safety and security of ordinary people at stake in UP even nobody can travel freely.” Further, the authorities are “crippling efforts of justice” by “these intimidation tactics.”

“Leaving Dalits in insecurity and terrorizing Muslim youth is an established agenda of BJP and Yogi government is plotting to further this agenda,” CFI statement concluded, appealing the government to withdraw such laws and release the four innocent persons immediately. Simultaneously, CFI has expressed its commitment “to fight this enormity through every possible legal and political manner.”