Film advocating philosophy of Ambedkar screened in Boston, US

Film screening of Jayanti in Boston. | Photo: BSG

Boston Study Group (BSG), a not-for-profit organization based in Massachusetts, United States screened a movie Jayanti. The movie is based on the influence of Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar’s thoughts on people and how those very teachings have the power to change the aimless and ignorant youth of today.

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BOSTON, UNITED STATES – An Ambedkarite organization Boston Study Group (BSG), organized a screening of the film Jayanti on December 12 in Boston, Massachusetts, United States. 

The movie narrates the plight of oppressed communities in India and reflects on how an Ambedkarite framework can build social harmony and fraternity. The movie advocates the philosophy and ideology of Dr B. R. Ambedkar which harbours equity and freedom in society. 

Poster of the film Jayanti.

Jayanti is a Marathi word largely spoken in the western part of India. The literal meaning of Jayanti is the anniversary. 

BSG, which is a not-for-profit organization based in Massachusetts, United States, in a statement, said, “Considering the contemporary scenario of widening inequities in India, Ambedkarite ideology looks at an appropriate elucidation to end the suffering of the oppressed communities.”

“We can say that it is one of the rarest movies that provide a template for any oppressed human being to transform from a victim of caste-based oppressive society to a champion of caste annihilation by imbibing the philosophy of Dr B. R. Ambedkar into practice,” Hemant Chavan, President of Boston Study Group (BSG) said. 

Chavan said the “moviemakers need to be applauded for courageously exhibiting the ignorance and lack of awareness among all the oppressed caste groups known as Bahujan about the root cause of their oppression.” 

The movie provides an opportunity for igniting the process of conscientization among the oppressed and oppressor communities, he said. 

Chavan further said filmmakers have sincerely dealt with the multidimensional structural oppression including social, political, economic, cultural, and mental spheres of exclusion. “They have clearly shown how the oppressor caste communities take advantage of the lack of resources and create conflicting situations among the oppressed castes to navigate their path towards social and political advantages,” he said. 

Film shows victory of Ambedkarism over oppressive caste system
The story of the film Jayanti movie revolves around the transformation of a sinner to a champion of human rights due to the timely intervention by an Ambedkarite teacher who influences the sinner by introducing the literature on Dr Ambedkar and Chathrapathi Shivaji Maharaj, who are considered the fountainheads of the modern democratic revolution in Indian society. 

Chavan said, “the movie shows, upon imbibing the Ambedkarite philosophy how the actor anchors the legal battle for justice given the killing of a tribal woman in his neighbourhood. Although the makers take the audience through the pain of oppressed communities, throughout the movie but conclude with optimism. They have shown the victory of Ambedkarism over the oppressive caste system.”

“The moviemakers have excellently weaved the social message through a heart-touching emotional story,” Chavan said, adding, “As an audience what stayed with me when I came out after watching the movie Jayanti is the clarain call of Dr Ambedkar: Educate, Agitate & Organize.”

Talking about why Boston Study Group screened the movie, Chavan said, “The movie Jayanti is all about how we respect our social reformers and instead of praising blindly we must follow what they taught us and implicate it in our life.” 

“When the Boston Study Group learned about this movie from our community, we were excited and planned to privately screen this movie to educate the next generation about the real Jayanti (Birth Anniversary) and help the youth to find the real value out of it,” he said. 

The movie Jayanti is based on the influence of Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar’s thoughts on people and how those very teachings have the power to change the aimless and ignorant youth of today, Chavan said.

Chavan congratulated the director and writer of the film Shailesh Narwade for directing “a relevant film that puts focus on the exploitation of youngsters for political gains, by bringing in caste and religion-based narratives in his film.”

Chavan said Jayanti is a must-watch for everyone. “BSG scheduled this private screening in Boston to support such artists who come forward to create such a movie that supports our cause and propagates Dr B.R. Ambedkar thoughts.”