UP election: More Muslim candidates have won this time compared to 2017. Here’s more about them.

Iqbal Mehmood, Azam Khan, and Nahid Hassan all won from their constituencies. | TCN Photo

There are now 31 Muslim candidates in Uttar Pradesh Assembly compared to 25 in the previous polls.

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Azam Khan
Jailed Samajwadi Party (SP) leader from Rampur, Azam Khan, bagged an Assembly seat for the 10th time. He has also represented Samajwadi Party as MLA from Rampur earlier. Khan secured 1,30,528 votes from behind the bars to defeat BJP candidate Akshay Saxena by 54,862 votes.

Abdullah Azam
Abdullah Azam, son of SP leader Azam Khan, emerged victorious from Suar in Rampur with a margin of 60,884 votes to grab an Assembly seat. Abdullah Azam was contesting against Haider Ali Khan of Apna Dal and got a total of 1,25,797 votes.

Abbas Ansari
In Mau, Abbas Ansari, fighting on a Suheldev Bharatiya Samaj Party (SBSP) ticket, secured 1,23,670 votes and trounced BJP’s Ashok Kumar Singh by 37,785 votes. Abbas Ansari is the son of Mukhtar Ansari, a five-time MLA from Mau.

Kamaal Akhtar
Kamaal Akhtar of Moradabad’s Kaanth constituency secured a total of 1,34,181 votes to beat Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) Rajesh Kumar Singh by 43,128 votes. Akhtar has previously served Hasanpur as a one-time MLA.

Nahid Hasan
In the high-voltage Kairana seat, SP’s Nahid Hasan secured a win after polling 1,30,802 votes against BJP candidate Mriganka Singh’s 1,04,705, a difference of 25,887 votes. It is Nahid Hasan’s second consecutive win from Kairana.

Haji Irfan Solanki
Samajwadi Party’s Irfan Solanki registered a third consecutive win from Kanpur’s Sisamau seat. Irfan won the seat after securing 78,851 votes, while Bharatiya Janata Party’s Salil Vishroi was a distant second with 66,530 votes. Solanki won by 12,321 votes. 

Iqbal Mehmood
Five-time MLA from Sambhal, Iqbal Mehmood trounced BJP’s Rajesh Singhal with a difference of 41,488 votes. He got 1,06,653 votes in total.

Ashu Malik
SP candidate from Saharanpur Dehat, Ashu Malik booked the seat with a victory of 30,760 votes against BJP’s Jagpal Singh. Malik secured a total of 1,06,716 votes.

Ziyauddin Rizwi
In Sikandarpur, Samajwadi Party’s Ziyaudin Rizwi lead the polls by 11,855 votes to defeat BJP’s Sanjay Yadav. Rizwi got 75,222 votes in Sikandarpur.

Ghulam Muhammad
Ghulam Muhammad, a candidate of SP’s ally Rashtriya Lok Dal, emerged as a winner from the Siwalkhas seat with a margin of 9,182 votes and defeated BJP’s Maninder Pal. Muhammad secured 1,01,749 votes while Pal closed the count with 92,567 votes.

Nawab Jaan
From Moradabad’s Thakurdwar constituency, SP candidate Nawab Jaan defeated BJP’s Ajay Pratap by 19,684 votes. 1,34,391 voters voted for Nawab Jaan.

Ashraf Ali Khan
Rashtriya Lok Dal’s Ashraf Ali Khan was contesting from Shaamli’s Haat seat against Suresh Rana who has been a sugarcane minister under the Yogi government. Ashraf Ali Khan took the lead of 10,289 votes from Suresh Rana’s 72,080.

Arman Khan
Fighting for a Lucknow West seat, SP’s Arman Khan took the lead of 8,184 votes to defeat BJP candidate Anjani Srivastava and got a total of 1,24,497 votes.

Alambadi is sitting on Azamgarh’s significant seat Nizamabad for the last four years and has won it for the fifth time. This time, SP’s Alambadi was contesting against BJP’s Manoj Yadav who lost the seat by 34,187 votes.

Tasleem Ahmad
Samajwadi Party contested Tasleem Ahmad, a three-time MLA from Najibabad (Bijnour), against BJP’s Raja Bhartendra Singh who lost to Ahmad by 23,803 votes. Tasleem Ahmad secured 1,02,321 votes.

Mohammad Nasir
Nasir won Moradabad’s Dehat seat by 56,848 seats. He gained over 1,42,972 votes against his rival, a Bharatiya Janata Party candidate.

Rafeeq Ansari
Rafeeq Ansari registered his second win from Meerut constituency after routing BJP’s Kamal Dutt Sharma by 26,065 votes and gaining a total of 1,06,395 votes.

Contesting from Moradabad’s Kundarki seat, Samajwadi Party’s Ziya-ur-Rehman earned a total of 1,25,792 votes to defeat rival party’s (BJP) Kamal Prajapati by 43,162 votes. Rehman is the grandson of Sambhal SP leader Dr. Shafiq-ur-Rehman.

Mehboob Ali
SP leader Mehboob Ali is a consistent winner from Amroha and registered his fifth victory from the same constituency in the 2022 UP elections. Ali grabbed a total of 1,28,735 votes and defeated BJP’s Pratyashi Ram with a huge difference of 71,036 votes.

Umar Ali Khan
Khan contested against Naresh Saini of Bharatiya Janata Party for Behat seat in Saharanpur and gathered over 1,34,513 votes to defeat his rival by 37,880 votes. 

Shahzil Islam
Bhojipura SP candidate won the seat by 9,409 votes and secured a total of 119402 votes. He was contesting against BJP’s Lal Maurya.

Mohammad Faheem
Voters of Moradabad’s Bilari constituency ditched BJP’s Parmeshwar Lal Saini to choose Mohammad Faheem as their leader from Samajwadi Party for the third time. Faheem garnished 7,610 more votes than his rival, and 95,338 in total, to retain the seat.

Naseer Ahmad Khan
Naseer made his mark by retaining his Chamroa (Rampur) seat for the second time. He earned 1,00,976 votes in total and defeated BJP’s Mohan Kumar Lodhi by 34,290 votes.

Sayyada Khatoon
Sayyada took the lead against BJP’s Raghuvendra Pratap Singh by a slight margin of 771 votes in the Dumriyaganj constituency and gathered a total of 85,098 votes against Singh’s 84,327.

Nafees Ahmad
Azamgarh’s Gopalpur seat went to Samajwadi Party’s Nafees Ahmad for the second time as he defeated BJP’s Satyendra Rai by 24,307 votes and earned a total of 84,401.

Mohammad Hasan Roomi
Samajwadi Party’s Mohammad Hasan Roomi secured Kanpur’s Cantt seat by receiving 94,729 votes and overpowering BJP candidate Raghunandan Bhadouriya’s vote count by 19,987.

Shahid Manzoor
Shahid Manzoor from Meeruth’s Kithor constituency retained his seat for the fifth time in a row. Manzoor is also a Samajwadi Party candidate and was contesting against BJP’s Satyavir Tyagi who lost the race by 2,180 votes. SP got a total of 1,07,104 votes in Kithor.

Suhaib Ansari
Bharatiya Janata Party’s Alka Rai lost to Samajwadi Party’s Suhaib Ansari in Gazipur’s Mohammadabad by a difference of 18,759 votes. Suhaib Ansari is the nephew of former Mau MLA ‘Robin Hood’ Mukhtar Ansari. Suhaib Ansari’s father Sibgatullah Ansari has been MLA from the same constituency for two tenures.  

Ataur Rehman
Ataur Rehman represents Samajwadi Party and contested from Bahedi to defeat BJP’s Chhatrapal Singh by 3,355 votes and bagging a total of 1,24,145 votes.

Zahid Baig
SP candidate from Bhadohi Vidhan Sabha won by 4,885 votes against BJP’s Ravindra Tripathi a sealed a total of 1,00,738 votes.

Nadira Sultan
A Samajwadi Party candidate from Kasganj’s Patiyala constituency and a relative of Azam Khan registered a huge victory after trouncing a three-time MLA from Bharatiya Janata Party Mamtesh Shakya by 6,202 votes. Sultan got 91,438 votes in total against Shakya’s 87,436.