Kerala Govt invites applications for post-matric scholarships

By Staff Reporter,

Kochi: Initiating the process for Centrally funded post-matric scholarship for 2009-10 the state government has asked authorised Teacher Training Institutes and government-recognised educational institutions following CBSE and ICSE syllabi to report their e-mail IDs to the Directorate of Collegiate Education of Kerala. E-mail address should be mailed to [email protected].

Director of Collegiate Education has made an announcement to the effect regarding the post-matric scholarships.

The post-matric scholarships are given to students of minority communities who are pursuing studies after the completion of 10th standard. In Kerala, Muslim and Christian students from 11th standard to PhD in government-recognised institutions as well as those in 11th and 12th classes in recognised ITIs can apply for the scholarship in their first year. Applications for the scholarship were invited in the state on July 29.

The Union Ministry of Minority Affairs, which runs three mega scholarship schemes, has fixed a target of 7 lakh scholarships under the Post-Matric scheme. The State of Kerala has been given a target of 51415 scholarships, of which Muslims will get 29050 scholarships and Christians 22365. Kerala is at No. 5 in terms of allocation under this scheme. Uttar Pradesh tops the list of 35 states/Uts with 117985 scholarships followed by West Bengal with 77805. Maharashtra (64400) and Punjab (56525) are at No. 3 and 4.

The filled-up applications should be sent via the head of the institute where the applicant studies to the address – Scholarship Special Officer, College Education Department (Annex), Sanskrit College Campus, Palayam, Thiruvananthapuram. The applications should reach the addressee before August 15. Applications without the introductory letter of the head of the institution and those that reach the addressee after August 15 will not be entertained. Application forms can be downloaded from the website of the Collegiate Education Department –

The applying students should have secured not less than 50% marks or equivalent grade in the previous final exam. The annual income of the guardian should not exceed Rs 2 lakh. Students from the BPL families will be given preference over others. Those students receiving this scholarship should not receive any other scholarship/stipend for the same course. Thirty per cent of the scholarship is earmarked for girls. The scholarship will not be allowed for more than two children of the same family. The complete address, along with pin code, of the institution of study should be given with the application. Whether the institution is recognised by the government too should be made clear.


Post Matric Scholarships

How very biased. It is ridiculous that even though Christians and Muslims are more financially sound than the average Hindu we still continue to use tax payer money to pamper them. While I completely for providing scholarships it should be based on general merit and not selectively. What will happen to Hindus at this rate? Why are we the Hindus voting for these people who work against us? When will we have someone who takes our plight into consideration? Is it a ploy to encourage us to convert?

mind ur own bussiness

mind ur own bussiness

govt s not run by FOOLS ,dey

govt s not run by FOOLS ,dey hav got sumtin n dere head...k...nd dey r givin dis 2 d minority community,not 2 d so called.."moolas"ie rich people....hop u got dat better....let people live....


This is the congress government , which works for the welfare of Muslims and Christians at the cost of poor Hindu. So it is called as secular party. Where is ajnanapeetee U R ANANTHAMOORTHY?
Let him reply for this comment


respected authority,
i am a scholarship holder of 2009.i cant renew the scholarship as the page displayed is not accessible..please do respective actions to solve out the problem as early as possible...the last date for submission is nearing...please make it accessible fastly....
thank you.............

cannot apply for post metric scholarship

i a Bsc forestry student of kerala agricultural university cannot apply for post metric scholarship even if eligible.The problem was that the entry to our course which was through kreala medicine entrance was delayed due to problems with concerned authorities.I request you to kindly grand us TIME EXTENSION for us medical students to apply for the same.

Respected sir,i am mohd abdul

Respected sir,i am mohd abdul qadeer i am very poor and i take the many in fanance at 3% intres.for the collage donition