Barring 2, Muslim countries stay away from Modi’s Global Investors Summit

By TCN Special Correspondent,

Ahmedabad: All Muslim countries, barring Indonesia and United Arab Emirates (UAE), were conspicuous by their absence from the Vibrant Gujarat Global Investors Summit-2011(VGGIS-2011) held at Gandhinagar, 25 km from here, on January 12&13.

A much-hyped project of Chief Minister Narendra Modi, the investors summit is held at every two years since 2003 to invite industrialists and investors from around the globe to invest in Gujarat, with its economy reportedly growing at the fastest rate in the country.

The Muslim countries’ absence was quite noticeable despite the fact the state government had official delegations, comprising industrialists and government officials, to several Gulf countries like Oman, Qatar, Egypt and UAE to brief investors about the summit and opportunities of investment in the state.

Besides extending invitation to these countries on behalf of Modi, the delegations had also held meetings with prominent Gulf companies like Crescent Petroleum, Emerge Invest, Abu Dhabi Investment Gate, National Bank of Abu Dhabi, M B Holding Company, Oman Oil Company, Bahwan Engineering Company, Saud Bahwan Group, Oman Zawawi Investment, Hawar Group, Zubaid Corporation and Doha Bank etc.

The state was interested in inviting the Gulf investors because a large number of them are withdrawing their investment from European countries and US owing to unfavourable political circumstances due to the developments in the last one decade.

However, neither the investors nor the governments of the Muslim countries turned up at the two-day event. Indonesia and UAE were the only Muslim countries to respond to the invitation. While a stall was set up at the summit’s exhibition hall by the Indonesian Trade Promotion Council and that too explaining the visitors about the investment opportunities in its own country, a delegation of UAE was present at the inaugural session. Modi had a one-to-one meeting with UAE delegation. But what transpired between Modi and UAE delegation is not known immediately.

However, the state government had displayed the names of several Muslim countries outside the exhibition domes showing that these countries are participating. These countries include Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bangladesh, Ghana, Morocco, Qatar, Uzbekistan, Republic of Yemen, Sudan, Syria, Egypt, Iran, Lebanon, Algeria, Azerbaijan, Malaysia, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Dubai, Kuwait, and Palestine. But all of them are absent.

However, in 2009 summit, representatives of the Arab League comprising 22 countries including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and Yemen and business delegation from UAE had taken part. Several trade delegations from Malaysia, Maldives, Iran, Brunei and Oman had also attended the summit.

The absence of Muslim countries from Modi-organised summit is said to be the result of some Delhi-based groups’ pressure on Muslim nations to stay away as long as Modi is in power. Modi is generally held responsible for the carnage of over 2000 Muslims (official figure is 1182) during 2002 anti-Muslim pogrom in the state. Muslim properties worth thousands of crores were destroyed and about five lakhs (half a million) of them were dislocated.

Social activist Anwar Mansuri says that this stigma is coming as an obstruction for Modi to play a role at the national level and become prime minister if BJP-led NDA comes to power at the centre. According to Mansuri, Modi is of late trying to befriend Muslims by inviting Muslim countries to the global trade summit. In October 2010 municipal and local bodies elections, the state Bharatiya Janata Party under him for the first time fielded a large number of Muslim candidates in the Muslim dominated areas on BJP ticket and many of them won as well.



haha.. only negative thinking

haha.. only negative thinking article..
what this article proves ?
whole world is praising this summit by modi..

This indicates that muslims

This indicates that muslims hate Gujarat and Gujaratis so Gujaratis should also stay away from muslim countries.

Laloo (TwoCircles) nahi sudhari..

An article like this was expected, as always, from Modi bashers like the pseudo-secular editors of Two Circles..
Anyway, friends, Modi has the power to silence his critics through his hard work, development initiatives and astute governance..
Something is special about Gujarat which has the capacity to grow in all spheres, uncommon to other parts of India, where we can freely travel in night time, as their is no security hiccup..
But, I know all these facts and figures don't deter you people, as you have glued your focus on 2002 Riots and don't have the audacity to look beyond it..
When Indian Muslims in Gujarat can vote for Modi as evident in last local polls, why don't you people even think to change your perception on Modi over time..
Stop Hatred.. Preach Love.. Praise Governance..

Tell Modi first to stop

Tell Modi first to stop hatred and preach love. Whatever progress is happening is Gujrat today was started by Chimanbhai Patel and Modi is grabbing the credit. You right when you say that Modi has the power to silence his critics and detractors. But its through his VHP and RSS goons. Thats how he killed 5000 muslims (real figure) in the 2002 pogrom. Do you have any excuses for the slaughter of 2002???

Modi bashers should get at

Modi bashers should get at least statistics right - I see figures from 1000 Muslims to 5000 Muslims dead - Each picks up a figure to provide maximum impact.
The fact of the matter is the scale of violence was far less than Rajiv Gandhi approved pogrom against Sikhs and TV scenes of 2002 showed armed Muslims roaming and killing Hindus too, not to forget the fact that Muslims burnt 59 Hindus alive in a train all because of their religion.

Right figure5000

The right figure is 5000. Its been whittled dowwn to 1189 by Modi's govt over the years. The train was burnt but no one was killed. This is the result of the enquiry. The train was burnt from the inside by its ocupants. Also the Hindu goons (karsewaks) pulled muslim women into the train and man handled muslim vendors at Godhara railway station. Seems the goons were very high on relgious fervor.

Change your Mindset

not ignorant!! but honestly

not ignorant!! but honestly indonesia and UAE are the two muslim countries i consider as developing and with commonsense do prevail this was all about business and investments with politics aside...look at the USA, even having denied Visa to Modi, it was all out there to grab its share of the pie and when asked the US high commissioner said its about business!.. its very evident in today's globalized world that no country will be able to live and prosper in isolation.