Mujeeb-Khamarunnisa’s deaths: Suicide or Gujarat model fake encounter?

By TCN Staff Reporter,

Malappuram: It was on 13th September 2010 when Arangodan Mujeeb Rahman and his wife Khamarunnisa Beevi were found dead under suspicious circumstances in the Rubber estate adjacent to their residence. One and half years after the incident, Khamarunnisa’s father has now demanded a fair investigation into the case.

What had happened a day before their death?
The day before this incident Mujeeb had allegedly killed Sub Inspector PP Vijaya Krishnan of Kalikavu Police station by shooting him with his double barrel hunting gun. The police officer had gone to his residence to arrest him over his involvement in a fraud marriage case. Immediately after the Police officer’s murder, he along with his wife and two kids fled to the nearby forest. The police and the local villagers went in search for him. Even after the whole night effort, they were unable to trace them.

Police version
The Police version of the story was that, the very next day morning the rubber estate tapping workers found them passing through the estate and minutes after, two gun shots were heard, whereby they both committed suicide by shooting themselves and their corpses were found on further search from the estate surroundings adjacent to their home. The FIR said that, two guns were found adjacent to the corpses and the kids aged 10 and 4 were weeping nearby.

The circumstances and the Police version of the story though raised many questions, the relatives and neighbours were reluctant to utter a word against an operation having involvement of top police officers as they were afraid of a later Police witch hunt.

Khamarunnisa’s father demands fair probe
Khamarunnisa’s father Chembrasseri Muhammed Koya Thangal has now demanded investigation of the case by an agency which could stay uninfluenced of Police interference. He says that either they both were shot to death by the Police after being caught or they should have killed them after surrendering. He says that, the Police might well have killed Mujeeb as revenge and after that they would have shot Khamarunnisa to destroy evidence. At the time of death they both were completely healthy and it was surprising to find no blood stains in the areas where they both were found dead.

Muhammed Koya says that it is impossible to believe that they didn’t find Mujeeb and Khamarunnisa despite a whole night’s search with the help of a complete police battalion and there is some thing wrong in saying that the corpses were found lying adjacent to their residence, the very next day morning by around 6.30 am.

Police presented one Mr Ravi alias Unni as the first witness and there are criticisms that he is regularly used by the Police in various cases as witness and so Khamarunnisa’s relatives believe that the witness is a Police creation.

Muhammed Koya says that, on the night when the couple fled to the Forest around 25 Police officers reached his house and threatened that they would take revenge on his daughter and son in law. They took Khamarunnisa’s brother Shihab into custody and while leaving again warned Muhammed Koya showing him their pistols and bullets saying that, “these are meant for your daughter and son in law, who killed one among us”. They disconnected the landline connection and took away three mobile phones from his home. Besides it is said that, Mujeeb’s two kids were found in the Police station; the night before their parents were killed.

The two kids were then taken to an orphanage by one among those Police officers.

The Police in its FIR even told that, “The couple while hiding in the forest had sent back their kids to the home before committing suicide but seeing a crowd at their residence they both returned to their parents”. Now the locals find it hard to accept the police version because it is tough to believe that the kids after reaching their home went unnoticed by a very familiar and vigilant crowd.

The police reports regarding Mujeeb’s last phone call to his elder brother Abdurrehman too lacks clarity and were often contradictory in nature. The forensic officer, who examined the bodies, too had showed an urgency to publicise his report then and there before the media persons. The investigations against Mujeeb on those cases registered against him in the Kalikavu Police station are yet not completed.