Assam Muslim laborers segregated at Anna’s Anshan site

By TCN Staff Reporter,

New Delhi: That Anna Hazare team has little regard for problems – said to be the result of another kind of systemic corruption -- confronting India’s largest minority, was once again evident on Wednesday here when a group of Muslims protesting against violence in Assam was not allowed to mingle with Anna supporters sitting on fast at Jantar Mantar.

According to the eyewitnesses, when the group of Muslims reached Jantar Mantar to join team Anna protest, they were not allowed to mix up in the anshan. The Muslims were actually raising slogan in support of Anna and wanted their voice to be heard. But the volunteers managing the anshan made a human chain and did not allow them to mix up with the Anna anshan. They were made to sit separately as seen in the pictures in this story. What was more surprising is that no Anna Team leaders came up to allow Muslim protestors to sit along others.

Sadiq who had participated in the Ramlila anshan last year said that today he was feeling like a stranger here. Most of the protesters were labourers from Assam working in Delhi. They were holding placards and banners calling government to stop violence and killing of minority in Assam.

Those who have regularly followed Anna’s fasts said that previously several other groups with their own cause joined Anna protest and they were allowed to mix up and strengthen the Anna protest. But poor Muslims may not be up to the mark of Anna's middle class agenda, so they were segregated from others.


It should be supported by some related leader immedietly.

As far we know nobody of Team Anna has experience of this type of matter for taking responsibility of this matter some related leader should be approaced because Team Anna has no knowledge how to tackle this matter for getting right results.

bangladeshi muslims in delhi

supporting their brothers in assam. Why should Indian Anna support them?


2Lakh with majority ethnic bodos are displaced. and Muslims are shouting just opposite?