UK-based Indian Muslims criticize Modi’s Muslim supporters

By TCN News,

London: The Council of Indian Muslims (UK) has reacted strongly to an interview of Zafar Sareshwala in which he supported Narendra Modi. In a statement issued today Chairman of CIM-UK Mr. Munaf Zeena said, “a man is known by the company he keeps. Suffice to say that one of the most vocal Muslim supporters of Modi is someone who has a record of cheating individuals in the UK and big institutions in India,” referring to the story of Sareshwala’s Parsoli Corporation which was closed by SEBI.

With bitter deep concern criticising some Muslim businessmen supporting Modi, Zeena said, “Have these sold out souls forgotten the manner in which Ahsan Jafri was killed? Are they as insensitive to their community as not to remember the molestation of their women, bellies of pregnant women being ripped open and foetuses being thrown in the raging fire?

“These were the crimes not alleged but admitted and confessed by Modi’s right hand man. Has his minister not been sentenced for inciting anti-Muslim pogroms? We want to ask these greedy bootlickers of Modi that was Narendra Modi unaware of these crimes? Their attempt to fool the community in particular and the masses in general is nothing but worse example of how low one can go for some petty economic gains.” Zeena said.

“Nothing can mitigate the crimes of Gujarat Chief Minister, Narendra Modi. He will be remembered as a fascist criminal politician who unleashed his foot soldiers and government machinery to humiliate the Muslim community, butcher and imprison its youths, rape the women and commit worst crimes beyond the imagination of any civilised human being.” Zeena added.

Criticising British Government’s, “appeasement of Modi” Zeena said, “In our letter to Foreign Secretary William Hague we have reminded him that by befriending with Modi, Britain is repeating the mistakes committed in 1939 by Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain. His blunder did not make Hitler a saint then and Prime Minister David Cameron’s miscalculation in 2012 will not wash the sins of Narendra Modi.

Zeena paid tribute to “Non-Muslim crusaders for justice in Gujarat including Teesta Setalvard, Harsh Mandar, Ashish Khetan, Mulkul Sinha and Sanjiv Bhatt because of whose untiring, brave and exemplary efforts and principled stand some of the culprits have been sent to rot behind bars.”