Taking India ahead

By Amit Kapoor,

India has long been considered a goldmine of potential, banking on its ability to integrate despite the diversity posing threats to its foundation for growth and development. India is a singularity of plurality in terms of its people, culture, language, demographics and even its identity and its 28 states stand to prove that as a nation, it remains a sundry source of potential that can transform India into a glistening image of its past glory. However, India remains a long way from the dream that its potential can convert it to as its regional competitiveness is either ignored or developed without a comprehensive understanding of its capabilities and resources. India’s growth and performance story are not restricted to its rate of growth as sustainability targets are not matched and the society has become an amalgamation of unequal opportunities and indicators. Competency of a nation is a function of the performance of its regions and states and the development of the nation as a whole needs to be accepted as an amalgamation of its divergent competencies.

Taking directional call on gold risky over next six months

By Vatsal Srivastava,

Gold has been in a narrow trading range of $1,200/ounce-$1,400/ounce so far this year. The yellow metal has managed to trade above the key support of $1,200/ounce mainly because US 10 year yields and the US Dollar index have not witnessed an uptick on the back of the US Federal Reserve taper. Prices have also been supported by factors such as weak economic data releases in the US early in the year due to the weaker manufacturing activity, corporate bond market fears in China, the Ukraine crisis and the militant insurgency in Iraq. Thus, although the US Federal Reserve has maintained its stance on tapering its monthly purchases of bonds and mortgage backed securities to the extent of $10 billion a month, the "fear trade" has been providing upside to gold prices despite the sucking out of cheap liquidity out of the financial system.


The Gaza carnage: Israeli impunity and global helplessness

By K.P. Fabian,

It is difficult, almost impossible, to envisage an early negotiated ceasefire to put an end to the unconscionable carnage in Gaza. US Secretary of State John Kerry has been working hard, but with his hands tied. President Obama has spoken more than once to Prime Minister Netanyahu on the need for a cease-fire, but always deferentially.

Beef, pork, and elections: A subjective commentary

By Yogesh Maitreya for,

The political ground in India has always been caste-ridden. Candidates, who claim to play politics excluding these fundamental factors of sociology of India, only put voters in complete oblivion where voters are being lift up from their ground level identity and persuade to imagine their space in candidate’s utopian story-telling about changes, the changes which are mostly caste based matters to which utopian language wipes with its lucrative tongue.

Is fatwa an opinion?

Qazi of Miskhal Mosque, Kuttichira

By A. Faizur Rahman for

Revisiting the creation of Israel

By M Reyaz,

In the history of creation of Israel, the holocaust under Nazi Germany when about 6 million of Jews, almost two third of over 9 million population in whole of Europe were killed, is often pointed to justify the establishment of a Jewish national home. Of course, there can be no justification of such heinous crime, but it should be pointed here that the persecution of Jews in ‘Christian’ Europe had not really begun with Hitler.

“Netanyahu you will see, you will see, Palestine will be free"

Thousands chant In London

By M Ghazali Khan,

London 27 July: At least 60,000 protestorsfrom amazingly and admiringly multi-racial, multi-religious and multi-ethnic backgroundsrallied yesterdayin front of Israeli Embassy and from where they marched to the British Parliament to demand lifting of siege of Gaza and freedom for Palestine. “You don’t have to be a Muslim to stand for Palestinians. Just be a human” read a placard raised by a marcher.

Chinese gambit: On an ancient route to modern greatness

By Tarun Basu,

People's Daily, China's iconic newspaper known to the world as the voice of the ruling Communist Party of China (CPC), is constructing in the heart of Beijing a 32-storey office tower that will have 140,000 square metres of working space with new-media ventures alone occupying seven of its floors. Its concave glass facade sits somewhat oddly in its steel and terra cotta-girded frame that its Chinese architects proudly proclaim will give the traditional touch to a very modern edifice.


CWG is beyond the reach of smaller nations

By Veturi Srivatsa,

What is the relevance of the Commonwealth Games (CWG) in the 21st century? This question pops up every four years, more so in the last two decades.


Let not competitive politics get constitutional sanctity

By Parmod Kumar,

Sikh politics is on the boil in Punjab and Haryana. Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal is insisting that Haryana roll back the Haryana Sikh Gurdwaras (Management) Act, 2014, creating a separate body to manage the gurdwaras in the state.