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Time has come to end Arab-Israeli conflict – Sarkozy


Cairo : French President Nicolas Sarkozy said here on Sunday that the time has come to end the Arab-Israeli conflict and put an end to the fighting between Palestinians and Israelis which lasted more than sixty years.

Sarkozy said in a gathering organized by the French Embassy in Cairo that he would travel to Israel next spring to emphasize to the Israelis in the Knesset that no barrier would guarantee security for Israel.

The suffering of the Palestinians can not guarantee security for Israel, he said, stressing the need to establish a free Palestinian state with territorial autonomy.

Sarkozy stressed that Israel’s interest now lies in the support of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, pointing out that the establishment of the State of Israel is a political reality and that France will always ensure Israel’s right to security.

Sarkozy added that he told Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and President George W. Bush that the time has come to bring peace to the region and avoid the risk that the peace is not achieved.