Iranian FM urges regional states to provide persian gulf with security


Tehran : Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki has said that regional countries should provide the Persian Gulf region with security and stability.

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Speaking to reporters and asked about relations between Iran and the littoral states of the Persian Gulf region Monday, Mottaki said the ties have always been friendly and in the current situation they enjoy progressive and suitable cooperation.

He said: "The most important factor in progress and prosperity of the region is the provision of security of the Persian Gulf with the cooperation of regional countries."

Calling for more exchange of views among regional states, he noted that Iran has repeatedly expressed its readiness to cooperate with the member states of the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council (PGCC) in different political, economic and security fields.

"We have raised our proposal on creating a joint defence treaty in meetings with officials of Saudi Arabia at the Arab League Summit in Riyadh as well as other visits to the PGCC officials, and they welcomed the proposal," he said.

Such cooperation will benefit regional nations and will be effective in global developments, he said, adding that regional countries should hinder the intervention of foreign states in the region aimed at fomenting suspicions, differences and tensions to deteriorate security.

Turning to Iran's stance towards developments in Iraq, he said that Tehran has always adopted transparent attitude in this respect and supported the legitimate government, helped political process, underlined the need for preserving territorial integrity and withdrawal of foreign forces, thanks to believing in establishment of security and stability in Iraq.

Mottaki further noted that the PGCC countries repeatedly supported Iran's right to attain peaceful nuclear technology, adding Arab states underlined the need for obtaining nuclear know-how in last year's PGCC summit.

"Iran has more and again expressed its readiness to put its precious experiences at the disposal of other countries," he said, adding that "Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal proposed to form a nuclear consortium between Iran and PGCC member states, which was welcomed."