Kafeel worked for Bangalore BPO firm last year


Bangalore : Kafeel Ahmed, a key suspect in the failed British terror plot, was keenly interested in aeronautical designs and worked as a designer for a Bangalore-based company whose clients include Boeing and other aviation biggies.

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Kafeel, a mechanical engineer, was employed for a short period of about seven months with Infotech Enterprises, which has an office in the upmarket area of Koramangala in this IT capital of India.

"He was with us between December 2005 and July 2006," K.S. Susindar, the company's spokesperson told reporters.

Susindar said he was not in a position to give details of the work that Kafeel had done during those seven months. "He was recruited as a design engineer when he came in for a walk-in interview," he said, adding the company often makes such recruitment.

The spokesperson was unwilling to name the companies for whom Infotech Enterprise undertakes the outsourced work. He also declined to confirm whether it had done any work for the British Home Office.

Infotech helped the British Home Office build a searchable computer database of criminal activity in Cornwall and Devon counties, The New York Times said in a report Tuesday.

Susindar described Kafeel as a quiet person who kept to himself and hence his colleagues did not know much about him.

Kafeel had not told the company the reasons for leaving it and had not given any indication that he was planning to go to the UK, he said.

Several people who worked for the company when Kafeel was there had also left and those still around do not remember much as he did not mix with others easily, Susindar said.

Stating that Kafeel was a polite person, the spokesperson said nothing objectionable was found from the background check the company did of him.

Susindar said Kafeel has not been in touch with the company after he left in July last year.

The British police suspect Kafeel to be the driver of the blazing Jeep Cherokee, loaded with explosives, that was driven into the Glasgow International Airport June 30.

They are yet to question Kafeel as he sustained over 90 percent burns and is reported to be in a critical condition.