Laptops presented to judges in MP to hone skills

 By Pervez Bari,
Bhopal: As part of a nationwide programme under an e-court project launched at the initiative of Supreme Court of India laptops were presented to judges on Monday in every district of Madhya Pradesh on Monday.
At a function in Jabalpur, the seat of Madhya Pradesh High Court, the High Court Chief Justice Anang Kumar Patnaik reportedly said, "A new era would dawn in this State's judiciary due to this modern technique that will enhance courts' working capacity. Judges, judicial officers and lawyers would be able to disseminate information."
Justice Patnaik said the aim behind giving laptops to the judges in the lower courts is to foster a culture of usage of information and communication technology in the justice delivery system.
He said the judges would be provided a mobile broadband Internet connection with unique user ID and password to individuals for accessing judicial data comprising information of the Supreme Court and High Court orders.
Justice K. K. Lahoti, High Court's e-Committee chairperson, threw light on the Project's technical aspect. He said the committee would give free training to the judges on maximum utilization of various modes of information systems devised to abridge communication gap amongst the litigants, lawyers and High Court administration. 
Similar programmes took place at the High Court's Gwalior and Indore benches. The High Court's website was started last year. 
Meanwhile, at Bhopal, District and Sessions Judge Renu Sharma distributed laptops to 74 judges. She distributed laptops to the judges of Bhopal district in a function organized at district court premises. She read out the message of Chief Justice of Madhya Pradesh High Court Justice AK Patnaik at the function. Those judges who received laptops included Chief Judicial Magistrates, sessions judges and others. 
Ms Sharma informed that the judges would be imparted proper training for better usage of the laptops. A report from Bilaspur in neighboring Chhattisgarh quoted High Court Chief Justice Jagdish Bhalla as saying that computerization would go a long way in tackling the colossal backlog of cases. ([email protected])