Only 2 teachers for a strength of hundred

Students of far off Middle school held protest in front of DC office

By News Agency of Kashmir

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Kishtwar : Sordid state of affairs of education department came to light, after hundreds of students coming all the way from Chirji held a protest demonstration here today for having only 2 teachers for strength of one hundred at the Middle school of the area.

The Middle school falling under the jurisdiction of Nagsini education zone is at distance of twenty kilometers from Kishtwar.

The students who were of minor age came all the way to the district headquarter traveling 20 kilometers including eight kilometers journey on foot to register their protest against the callous attitude of education department.

Having only Middle School in the area with treacherous hilly terrain most of them had to walk dozens of kilometers on foot to attend their classes.

Forced by the apathetic attitude of the department, the students of the far flung school, most of them minors came all the way to Kishtwar and held a protest demonstration in front of the Deputy Commissioner's Office.

The parents of the children were also accompanying them during their protest.

The students and parents were raising slogans against education dept and distt administration. They also blocked Kishtwar Chatroo road for more than 3 hours. They were demanding early filling of the vacant posts.

However, protesters dispersed after local MLA Sajad Ahmed Kichloo and Chief Education Officer assured them that their demand would be addressed soon.

Taking serious note of the matter, Deputy Commissioner convened an emergency meeting. Discussing some immediate remedial measures in the meeting, the Deputy Commissioner, in the presence of MLA Sajad Kichloo assured the parents that the vacant post would be filled at the earnest.