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Ordinance on another reprieve for ‘unauthorised developments’


New Delhi : The government Friday cleared an ordinance that will give a one-year respite from punitive action against encroachments by slums and urban street vendors and illegal construction by farm house owners and schools in the capital.

The union cabinet Friday approved promulgation of an ordinance, the National Capital Territory of Delhi Laws (Special Provisions) Ordinance, 2007, to grant temporary relief from forcible action against such "unauthorised development".

Informational and Broadcasting Minister P.R. Dashmunsi told reporters that the ordinance will give a one-year reprieve to those who invited action for construction beyond permissible limits, including in schools, dispensaries, religious institutions and cultural institutions in rural areas built on agricultural land.

Dashmunsi said a bill would be brought in the monsoon session of Parliament to replace the ordinance.

He said the step was being taken to avoid undue hardship for people and also allow for a balanced and well-considered view on policies involving such unauthorised development and help formulate schemes to address them.

The Delhi Laws (Special Provisions) Act 2006 that provided a one-year moratorium on sealing and demolitions in the capital, lapsed on May 19.

However, the ordinance will not give any respite to upscale Sainik Farms, where civic authorities are carrying out a demolition against illegal construction. It would also not be applicable for commercial buildings, which are violating guidelines of the Delhi Master Plan – 2021.