Muslims urged to study Islamic history

By staff reporter

Rampur : Librarian of Rampur Raza Library Dr. Abu Sa'ad Islahi made a fervent appeal to Muslims to study the history of Islam in order to be acquainted with Islam's brilliant past – how the message was Islam was disseminated the world over and what role the Holy Messenger, God's peace and blessings be with him, as well as his Caliphs and Companions played therein.

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Dr. Islahi was addressing the Muslim youth participating in an Islamic summer camp organised here Saturday by Students Islamic Organisation of India (SIO).

Speaking on the Rightly Guided Caliphate, Dr. Islahi said, "The way the Holy Messenger, and after him the Rightly Guided Caliphs presented Islam, in practice as well as precept, as the most effective way of life is the golden chapter in the history of Islam. The world will continue to be enlightened with it till the last day; for they presented the message of Islam even to kings and rulers without fear."

Highlighting the salient features of the caliphates of the Rightly Guided Caliphs, he urged the participants to study their lives as well as the way of governance in detail.