South Indian Muslims hold convention for social justice

By staff reporter

Kochi : A South Indian Muslim Convention with the participation of eminent persons as delegates from Southern States including Pondicherry will be held at Al-Ameen Public School Auditorium, Edappally in this district of Kerala on June 16 and 17, 2007.

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The two-day event is sponsored by Al-Ameen Educational Trust and Forum for Faith and Fraternity – a Muslim cultural organisation here – in association with other Muslim social organisations such as MES, MSS, KMEA, MECA and CIGI.

"The main focus of the convention will be Justice Sachar Committee Report and its ramifications. National and state level leaders from various political organisations, social activists, well-known journalists and community leaders are expected to participate in the convention," General Convenor of the convention T.H. Mohamed Ali said in a statement.

"Muslims constitute 15 per cent of the Indian population. The Sachar Committee Report, and the studies and reports of other commissions and agencies in the past, confirm the appalling condition of the community in social, economic and educational terms. The development and progress of the nation cannot be carried forward meaningfully, without addressing this issue.

"The restoration of equity must be adopted as a national agenda. Governmental agencies, social scientists and non-governmental agencies must work together to formulate and implement remedial policies. In the national interests, the majority community must extend wholesome support to such initiatives," he further said.