Karachi flush with garbage – real and political


Karachi : Pakistan's largest city is flush with garbage real and political in the wake of a name-calling campaign against cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan after he denounced Karachi's dominant party, Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM).

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The walls are full of graffiti against Khan these days after he attacked the MQM leadership for its alleged role in the May 12 violence that killed 48 people.

To clean up the graffiti after "orders from above," the civic authorities have deployed such a large staff that normal garbage collection and disposal have been affected.

"Garbage bins all over are overflowing, especially in residential areas," the Daily Times reported Thursday.

MQM is angry with Khan for threatening to sue its chief Altaf Hussain for allegedly inciting violence through speeches from London.

Khan is to go to Britain to filer a case asking whether British laws permit a permit a person living there to incite violence in his country.

Soon after Khan issued statements against Hussain, graffiti "erupted" all over the walls of Karachi "almost overnight," the newspaper said.

Wall writings accusing Khan of everything from being a "Zani" (adulterer) and "Playboy" to "Sattey Baaz" (gambler) were seen on the walls of offices, houses, shops, academic institutions and factories.

Two days ago, Sindh Governor Ishratul Ibad Khan issued directives for the erasing of all graffiti in the city.

The town administration claimed that the graffiti-removal process in their areas was "in full swing" and work was being carried out "round-the-clock".

They said their entire workforce had been assigned for the clean up act. "The directives have come from 'higher-ups' and we will follow them post-haste," said an official in Korangi Town.

Since the entire workforce had presumably been put to the task of graffiti-removal, regular jobs such as garbage removal and disposal have been "greatly disturbed", the newspaper said.