Internazionale’s striker Adriano denies alcohol addiction

By Xinhua

Rio de Janeiro : Italy’s football team Internazionale striker Adriano denied being addicted to alcohol at a press conference in Sao Paulo Tuesday.

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“People say that I depend on alcohol to go through this situation and that is not true. I am here to undergo a psychological treatment too,” said the footballer, who came back to Brazil after being severely criticised in Italy, where his disappointing performances have been closely related to his intense night life and alcohol consumption.

Adriano chose club Sao Paulo’s training centre to practise till he returns to Milan’s Internazionale, which he is expected to do in January.

The player also said he was feeling “much better” since he arrived at the Brazilian club, and hoped to find a way to once again “smile inside the football field”.

When asked if he will stay and join the team, he answered that his priority was to recover, but added that Sao Paulo was a “very important club in Brazil”.

Adriano stressed that he relies on total support from Internazionale’s president and head coach who helped him “decide what to do”.

“I am here at Sao Paulo to come back where I was before,” he said, adding that he also hopes to make his family “happier” in the process.