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Rahul is exception as he belong to the Nehru Family: Bhim Singh

By News Agency of Kashmir

Jammu : Chairman Jammu Kashmir National Panthers party Prof Bhim Sing today informed Mr. Rahul Gandhi that there was nothing fresh for any political activist to learn that he has been elevated as a general secretary of the Indian National Congress to look after the youth and the students’ affairs.

JKNPP Chairman in his letter addressed to Mr. Gandhi said that class needs a critical study about its characteristic and behavior in India in general and in each cultural region in particular. “I don’t know how much interaction you have shared with this class studying and working at different levels”, the letter said

The ambition and mission of a student studying in the public institutions cannot be compared with a student studying in a village school or in the slums. Syllabus may be same but aims and dreams are different, rather, vertically opposed. “I have gone through the students movement for nearly two decades and had tough experience with the working of the Youth Congress from 1973 to 1976, when Shri Sanjay Gandhi rose to the heights of glory” the letter said adding “I have also witnessed the era when Shri Rajiv Gandhi took the responsibility as a general secretary of the Congress Party and later as a president of the A.I.C.C.”.
Mr. Sing in his letter has mentioned that the family background is definitely important because it does help to project a person without work or contributions in a vast country like ours.

“You are definitely an exceptional class because you are the son of the Congress president and also belong to the Nehru Family”, letter reads
Mr. Singh in the letter, has placed, some important factors on record for book for information to the young leader which reads as under.

Any person who proposes himself for political arena must understand the genesis of the national problems our country has been confronting since 1947. All the national problems or issues have to be arranged in the personal book on priority basis. Which one deserves first attention and so on. Once national issues are identified priority wise, scientific and mathematically solutions have to be worked out. This is possible only if the leaders have working knowledge of the history, geography, cultural identity and political combinations and permutations of each region and state. The solutions are not a permanent feature. The strategy and the methodology to reach the solution do change with the changing of situation and need and the aspirations of the people. For this purpose one needs practical encounter with the situation.

The information sent to Mr. Gandhi states that Jammu and Kashmir is the first and foremost national problem. There lies a need to settle this issue forever to end uncertainty at home and unnecessary interference from abroad. The leaders who matter require both wisdom and vision combined with courage to seek a lasting resolution of the situation. Corrupt politicians in J&K should be kept out of power and party politics.
“The ghost of Pakistan shall die once outdated, corrupt and communal politicians are kept out of power” letter reads adding Compromises and concessions breed more corruption and more uncertainty. New generation has to be prepared, trained, educated and modeled in that fashion. A leader has to act as a model teacher or a loving doctor to cure the disease of corruption, violence and communalism.

There is a need to put all secular and democratic parties on a common platform with clear objective to defend the National flag, the constitution and the National boundaries.

All the three regions of Jammu and Kashmir need equitable and respectful treatment by the power that be, both in Delhi and Srinagar to ensure preservation, protection and promotion of linguistic, cultural, geographical and historical identities of all the regions of the state. There is an urgent need for the reorganization of the state of Jammu and Kashmir and the basis of the identities mentioned above so that the people of each region can develop their personality without interference.
Similarly, situation in the North-East is getting alarming. There is a breakdown of communication between the leadership and the people. Power hungry politicians have been blackmailing the Centre and browbeating the people. The people stand neglected and isolated. The growth of the youth cannot be identified with electoral prospects. It has to be identified with the national ethos. Let the youth understand the genesis of each problem national or local. You need study circles. Have you got any?
The print media has been disintegrated to benefit the press barons for electoral gains. Have you got an idea who is the real press Lord in the print and electronic media? What are their political and business connections? A so-called national paper is being printed from a dozen places. What is the reason? To raise revenue through advertisements from different publications from the same source may be the state or private enterprise. The information has been decentralized. This trend is causing a potential threat to the very concept of national integration. Paper published in Delhi provides no information of the important events taking place in other parts of the country. For the sake of raising revenues and earning benefits through advertisements each paper has opened its shop in every city thus killing the very purpose of the freedom of press. An event of Kanpur does not find a place in the newspapers of Lucknow. What’s happening in the North-East or in J&K does not re ach a common man residing outside the state. This system must end. The rules prescribed by the Press Council of India do not have any relevance. This is the job of the Ministry of Information. The Doordarshan has been made a robbery house for the so-called intellectuals and camera holders. How much money has been pumped in Jammu and Kashmir on the so-called ‘Kashir Channel’. What is the benefit and who is the beneficiary? There is no discussion or deliberations on these subjects. Political favours have to be brought to an end to save the autonomy of the institutions like Doordarshan, Radio and other channels.

The obsene demonstration of adds and advertisements in the print and electronic media is shocking and undesirable. It is causing assault on the very civilization and culture. Religious education combined with Model Code of Conduct cannot be shaken off the syllabus. Has any body ever tried to ponder about the cause of suicides, violence, obsinity among the youth? Lack of moral education. The old and outdated system of education needs a scientific change. Who shall do? The politicians are interested only in that electoral battles.

The architect of India’s foreign policy, Shri Jawahar Lal Nehru would have shed his tears today had he been alive to watch a vertical shift in India’s international behaviour particularly, vis-a-vis Arab countries and others. What happened to India’s commitment to the people of Palestine? Can India shine with Israeli watch-dog devices. Can India grow without active and affective cooperation of our Arab neighbours in the field of politics, culture and economy. India believed and recognised our friendship with Arab world till Mr. Rajiv Gandhi was in power. I remember Mr. Rajiv Gandhi collected my documentary films on Iraq and Palestine when he was leaving for Iran. He used to consult me on the latest development that was emerging in the Middle-East. That was a great quality of that leader to collect even pebbles from the deserted river, as I was.
What is the justification to demonstrate military exercise in Siachen and Kargil Sector with Anglo-American soldiers. What is the message, we want to send to China and others. The new generation cannot be misled by our election-oriented political jorgans.

India got freedom, this is what they say, 60 years back. What is the reason that we could not eradicate illiteracy in the country. 65 percent people in our country cannot read or write. Who is responsible? Congress remained in power for several decades and even today it is holding the rein of power in the centre and several states, why it failed to make people to read and write? Does it mean that Congress wants to keep the majority of the people ignorant so that they could be easily used as guinea pigs during the voting season? Have a look on the literacy campaign which was launched by Lenin after Bolshevik revolution in 1917. Each person even in Siberia could read and write by 1923 when Lenin died. Why India could not do that? You have to find out the answer to some of these questions.

India’s policy after Rajiv Gandhi underwent a dangerous turn rather tilt in favour of an undesirable domain controlled by the multinationals and the Anglo-American economic jurisprudence. Where is that industrial glory and pride of India which was so honestly and scientifically planned and launched by our first Prime Minister. You belong to Nehru family but do you also belong to the Nehru School of Thought? You would only provide the answer, if you so desire, some day.

No sycophants who claimed to be your admirers or members of your party shall dare tell you all that because their need is limited to seek fresh permits, quotas, election mandates and other favours. They dare not speak the truth because it needs both wisdom and courage. They are afraid of loosing your favour. I have seen a million audience around Mrs. Indira Gandhi and Mr. Sanjay Gandhi in 1975 and 1976, shouting slogans for their glory and victory. The same people defeated both of them in the Parliamentary elections in 1977. You need a deep study about the general behavior of the Indian masses. They are great and wonderful, even in spite of their poverty, rags and illiteracy they are the best judge at all the times. These video channels and radio mocks cannot disturb their school of thought which they have been religiously preserving for centuries. You may become Prime Minister of India some day because you would require a combination and permutations of only 273 MPs but to become a leader you have to identify yourself with the millions of the suffering people of this country. You cannot find them in the five star hotels, palaces and TV channels. They have to trace out from the banks of the Yamuna or the Ganges or on the slopes of the Himalayas. I suggest you spend half a day in front of any government hospital anywhere in the country, even in Delhi, you shall appreciate what I am trying to convey to you.
You will be looking after youth and students in the party. What plan or strategy you will like to adopt to eradicate drug addiction among the youth. Do you know that school children have started eating boot polish and such cheap drugs? Have you got any programme to start a battle against the drug evils growing in the society? We may use youth and students with our money and muscle power for sometime to rig polls which has become a culture with almost every political party, but will that satisfy you with your work. Needs a decision to fight all these battles with courage and wisdom.

What is the philosophy you will sell to the youth and students, who number in millions. They need job and work and live with honour and dignity. What is the instrument you would like to use to fight against injustice and discrimination by the power that be? If it were possible to deliver justice from the seat of power (as you are) to the suffering people, Buddha would not have renounced his thrown and walked into the forests.
First identify the cause of the people and then power. I hope and trust that you will not mind my echoes and my strokes Bhim while concluding his letter to Mr. Gandhi (NAK)