Iran surveys offer for proposal of Afghan woman as UN Human Rights Commissioner


Kabul : Iran’s Embassy in Kabul issued a communique here Friday announcing Iran is surveying Afghan Government’s proposal for nomination of Sima Samar a candidate for UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.

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According to IRNA office in Kabul, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan invited the foreign countries’ ambassadors and charge d’affaires in Kabul to introduce Sima Samar, the US Special Reporter on Human Rights in Darfur, Sudan, and the Head of Afghanistan’s Human Rights Commission, as nominee for UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.

The Afghan Foreign Ministry also on Thursday issued a communique in which Samar has been referred to as a woman who has spent tremendous efforts during the past two decades for restoration of human rights, campaign against aggression, and cultural blossoming of the Afghan nation.

The “friend countries” have been asked in the communique to support Samar’s candidacy for the UN high post, which has been held by Louise Arbors from Canada ever since the year 2004.

Samar was born in southern Afghanistan’s Qazney Province in 1975 and graduated as a medical doctor from Kabul University.

She migrated to Pakistan after graduation form university as a medical doctor, where she established a hospital and began curing the Afghan immigrants.

This Afghan woman has so far established 55 schools and has been an activist in human rights affairs, served as the first Minister of Women’s Affairs in temporary government during her country’s transitory era.

Samar has so far received two honorary doctorate decrees from Canada’s Alberta University and the United States Brown University.

The prizes she has won include one on social leadership, one on global leadership, the 100 brave women’s prize, and the prize for call to heed human rights.