London protestors shout anti-Israeli chants


London : Muslims and anti-war activists staged a protest outside the Israeli Embassy in London, calling for an immediate halt to Israeli airstrikes on Gaza.

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More than 2,000 people gathered outside the Israeli Embassy, shouting anti-Zionist chants.

Extra police had to be called to the embassy to control the angry demonstrators who clashed with the police in several occasions.

Protesters also tore down barriers erected in front of the embassy.

A Scotland Yard spokesman told BBC three people were arrested on suspicion of committing public order offences.

The demonstration was organised by the Stop the War Coalition, Muslim organizations and Respect MP George Galloway and former Labour MP Tony Benn were among those who addressed the crowd.

Afterwards Galloway said “the support at today’s demonstration has been overwhelming. There are even Jews who have joined us here.” “We should treat Israel as we treated South Africa during apartheid. They should be shunned.”
Several human rights and Islamic entities have called for another protest to be held on Monday in front of the Israeli Embassy in London.

Two days of Israeli strikes on Gaza have left around 300 deaths and several hundred wounded.

A Hamas advisor earlier told IRNA the Zionist regime, backed by the West and the United States, aims to eradicate Hamas in Gaza.

Azam Tamimi also condemned Arab states for their silence, saying the Egyptian government colluded with the Palestinian Authority Chief Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah to greenlight the Israeli attacks.