Sharapova finds Djokovic’s lampooning ‘boring’


Melbourne : Tennis clown Novak Djokovic of Serbia may soon be getting a satirical look at his own leisurely serving style from Maria Sharapova.

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The Russian court diva is among a handful of tour players said to appreciate – or at least not go ballistic – when the fun-loving Serb delivers one of his exaggerated impersonations of their serving styles.

Djokovic, 20, ranked third in the world, has been trying to give the act a rest but was goaded into doing his Maria act by the on-court announcer after a first-round victory in Melbourne.

In portraying the Russian blonde, he preens before serving and imitates her habit of sweeping her long, blond hair behind each ear.

It was only when egged on by Jim Courier after one of her early wins, Sharapova currently ranked 5, looked to retaliate.

“We’d need a really long time, because all I’ll need is a tennis ball,” she said of the leisurely Djokovic serve. “I’m just going to stand here and bounce the ball for a really long time before I serve. We’re going to be here all day long.”

Sharapova then called the Djokovic act “kinda boring,” adding: “He’s got his own little thing going on. So let him do it, I’m sure you guys are going to get bored of it. But it’s fun any time you can get some entertainers out there.”

Djokovic earlier has done impersonations of Rafael Nadal, Andy Roddick and Roger Federer.


Dellacqua may go shopping upmarket after Australian Open success

The shopping habits of Australian Casey Dellacqua may soon head upmarket after winning $45,000 and counting by reaching the third round of the Australian Open.

The unsponsored 22-year-old from Perth is onto her biggest career earner and may soon be able to stop buying her kit at the local discount house.

“My favourite shop has always been Target,” Dellacqua said. “I like their tank tops, and they’re comfy to practise in. Usually you can get deals for, like, three for 30 bucks or something. I mean it’s just the reality of it, and just something I’ve always done.”

However, there was an exception at the US Open, when due to the dazzling presence of Maria Sharapova on the other side of the net, the Aussie dipped into her meagre budget and bought more posh clothing.

“You don’t want to go on Arthur Ashe (Court) wearing a Target top, so I went out and bought something,” Dellacqua recalled.

Due to her breakout during the fortnight, Dellacqua has now climbed onto the Nike bandwagon and is now faced with mounds of free gear.

“I got like six pairs of shoes, like a whole range of clothes, new socks, sweatbands, things you don’t even think about, really. I got more stuff yesterday than I had in my original suitcase,” Dellacqua said.

“I called Dad and said, ‘I’m going to get you to take a fair amount of this stuff back to Perth. I can’t carry all this stuff.’ It was like a second Christmas.”