Lebanese President: Common ground between Syria, Lebanon stronger than differences

By Xinhua,

Beirut : Lebanese President Michel Suleiman on Saturday said what Syria and Lebanon have in common is much stronger than what could separate them, local Elnashra website reported.

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As for the chill relations between Lebanon and Syria in the past three years, Suleiman said “this period would be overcome because what we have in common is much stronger than what could separate us.”

“I will prove to the Lebanese and to those doubting that Syria will give Lebanon what is needed and what is comfortable because we have a common enemy,” Suleiman told a visiting Syrian-Palestinian committee on the right to return.

He, however, did not elaborate who their common enemy is.

Lebanese-Syrian relations have been on a standoff since February 2005, when former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri was assassinated, which many Lebanese blame on Syria. Damascus, however, denied any involvement.

Syria can support Lebanon, while Lebanon can in return be honest and refuse to be a passage for harming Syria, the Lebanese president added.

On July 21, Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Muallem handed over an official invitation from the country’s president to the Lebanese president after an agreement to establish diplomatic ties was inked between the two heads of state in Paris earlier this month.