NATO fire kills 2 children, wounds the other in S Afghanistan

By Xinhua,

Kabul : Soldiers with the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) on Sunday opened fire at a vehicle being driven in a “threatening manner” and “ignoring warnings”, killing two children and wounding one adult in southern Afghan province of Kandahar, said an ISAF statement released here on Monday.

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ISAF was conducting a security patrol in Kandahar province when they were approached by a vehicle which was directed to keep its distance but it did not comply, the statement said.

ISAF soldiers fearing an attack, fired on the coming vehicle when it was 10 meters away and still approaching rapidly, it said.

The injured adult, male, who had suffered serious wounds, was taken to Mirwais Hospital for further checks, it said.

“ISAF soldiers are trained to take the appropriate steps to minimize civilian casualties,” it said. “However, they must take action to protect themselves when threatened and ISAF deeply regrets the outcome of this incident which will be fully investigated.”

It was the second similar incident claiming innocent civilians in the passing two days.

The British soldiers under the flag of ISAF opened fire on a vehicle that failed to stop at a check point earlier Saturday, killing four civilian occupants and wounding three others in southern Afghan province of Helmand.

Attacks on international troops are on the rise during past weeks when the Taliban militants continue to demonstrate their strength through suicide and roadside bombings.

Escalating insurgency and violent incidents have left around 2,500 people dead with over 700 civilians since January this year in the war-torn Afghanistan.