Indian American community welcomes Obama’s nomination


New York : Welcoming Barack Obama’ nomination as Democratic party’s presidential candidate, Indian Americans feel it is good news for the community as well as for India.

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Inder Singh, president of the Global Organisation of People of Indian Origin (GOPIO), told IANS: “It is the first time that the country has chosen a candidate beyond colour, and it is a sign of growing multiculturalism.”

Most Indian Americans traditionally support Democrats and had sided more with Hillary Clinton than Obama, but they will support him, said Singh who is himself a Republican.

“If elected president, Obama will be good not only for the South Asian community but for the US too,” he said.

Singh added that now India cannot be ignored nor slighted no matter who becomes US president.

Raj Mehta, who founded the New York Indian Political Action Committee, praised Obama for running a great campaign and for showing that the country is ready for change.

Himself a Clinton supporter, Mehta said, “Clinton had a record of supporting the Indian community, something Obama lacks. But her supporters in the Indian American community now will have no hesitation in supporting Obama because they are loyal Democrats.”

Anhoni Patel, spokesperson for a group called South Asians for Obama, too believed that all Democrats will now unite behind Obama. She said both Obama and Clinton would have been good for the South Asian community, but he brings something extra, given his background as son of an immigrant.

Udai Tambar, member of Obama’s urban policy committee, is “ecstatic”. “Obama is good for the South Asian community, for India and for the whole world, because of the global perspective he gained from personal experience, living off mainland America for long, among other things,” he said.