Macedonia to stage election re-run due to irregularities

By Xinhua,

Tirana : The Macedonian Electoral commission announced on Saturday that partial voting would be repeated on June 15 after irregularities had been found in the country’s general election.

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The partial re-run would be staged at 186 polling stations where ballot stuffing, voter intimidation and violence had taken place during the June 1 election, commission spokesman Zoran Tanevski said.

The commission had reviewed 56 complaints from political parties that cited irregularities involving about 300 polling stations out of a total of 2,976, news reaching here from Skopje reported.

The Commission’s latest official results show that Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, 37, had won by a landslide 48.2 percent, enough to give him a majority in the country’s 120 seat parliament.

But Gruevksi needs to find an Albanian political party for co-governing, as tradition stipulates. Ethnic Albanians make up about a quarter of Macedonia’s 2.1 million people.

Gruevski called the country’s first snap poll since independence in the wake of Greece’s veto on Macedonia’s NATO bid over name dispute between the two countries at an alliance summit in Bucharest.

Greece objects to the country’s name of “Macedonia,” saying it implies territorial claims to the northern Greek province with the same name.