UN Criticizes US Military for Child Detentions

By Prensa Latina,

United Nations : UN Committee on the Rights of Children criticized US for holding hundreds of youths in Iraq and in the occupied Cuban Eastern territory Guantanamo naval base.

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In a report disclosed in this headquarter; UN experts expressed their concern that the minors imprisoned in Guantanamo military base, as well as in Iraq and Afghanistan, might have received cruel, inhuman and degrading treatments.

According to UN Special Representative on Children and Armed Conflicts Radhika Coomaraswamy, 1,500 children are under military halting in Iraq, 500 of them prisoners of US forces of occupation.

UN Committee also criticized Washington because instead of considering as victims those children recruited for armed conflicts, it describes them as illegal enemy fighters, imputes war crimes to them and takes them to face trials in military courts.

US authorities carry out those judicial processes “without considering this is about minors”

UN experts talked openly in their report on the fulfillment by Washington of the international treaty that prohibits the use of children as soldiers and forces the States that have them under their control to collaborate for their social reintegration.

On the other hand, UNICEF (UN Children’s Fund, office headquartered in Haiti) condemned the increasing crimes committed against minors in that Caribbean nation all along 2008.