US Labeled Top Iraq Problem

By Prensa Latina,

Tehran : Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Jamenei blamed the United States and its troops as the most serious problem that today affects the stability of Iraq, invaded and occupied by foreign troops since March 2003.

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On receiving the Iraqi prime minister, Nuri al Maliki, the Ayatollah also blamed the White House for being the main obstacle to unity among Iraqi political parties and assured that the dreams of the United States will never come true.

The fundamental problem to achieving progress and prosperity in the Arab nation is the attempt of foreign elements to interfere in its affairs and “expand control over all aspects of the nation,” the religious leader expressed.

A delegation of the Arab nation concluded Monday a three-day visit to Teheran and signed a memorandum of understanding in the areas of defense to broaden cooperation and search for means to guarantee peace and stability in the region..

The agreement also includes the removal of mines along border areas during the war between both nations (1980-1988).

The Iraqi Defense minister, general Abdul Oadi Mohammed and his Iranian counterpart, Mostafa Mohammad Najjar who held talks the day before, signed the agreement.