Fiji interim PM casts further poll doubt

By Xinhua,

Wellington : Fiji’s interim Prime Minister Commodore Frank Bainimarama on Tuesday again cast doubt over the likely date for a general election, the Fiji Live website reported.

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Addressing soldiers in Fijian at the 3FIR parade at Albert Parkin Suva on Tuesday, Commodore Bainimarama said a general election would only be confirmed once the purpose of the clean-up campaign -to completely eradicate corruption – is achieved.

Bainimarama said some politicians were trying to dictate when the election should be held.

He told members of the 3FIR, who marched through Suva’s waterfront for Infantry Day celebrations, that there was still a lot of work in terms of electoral reforms and pending investigations that needed to be completed before an election could take place.

He said comments by some politicians that an election would be solution to all Fiji’s problems was only a political view and that soldiers should be careful that they are not influenced by the views and agenda of politicians.

On the progress of the clean-up campaign, Bainimarama called on the soldiers to be aware of the daily events and happenings around them.

He urged them to also assist as much as they could in the campaign by ridding corruption in their communities and villages.