Syrian VP, Hamas Chief hold discussion on Palestinian situation


Damascus : Syrian Vice President Farouk al-Shara has held discussion with the chairman of the Polibureau of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) Khaled Mishaal on the current situation in Palestine and current efforts for bolstering Palestinian national unity.

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Al-Shara reiterated Syria’s stances regarding the Palestinian cause, stressing the importance of Palestinian national unity and need for uniting the efforts of all Palestinian people and groups to reclaim its national rights.

For his part, Mishaal pointed out to Syria’s role in bolstering the Palestinian people’s unity and strengthening its resilience in the face of the Israeli occupation’s aggression and constant violations of the Palestinian people’s rights and its Islamic and Christian holy sites.

The meeting was attended by Assistant Vice President Mohammad Nasif.

In a statement to the press after the meeting Wednesday, Mishaal said his talks with al-Shara focused on the state in Palestine, particularly in light of the recent infiltration of Israeli forces of the Gaza Strip, in addition to discussing the national reconciliation efforts and the regional and international situation.

Mishaal held the Israeli occupation forces responsible for the recent attack on the Gaza Strip that claimed the lives of five Palestinians, as well as holding them responsible for the breach of the truce which Hamas had committed to for the past four months.

He also affirmed the Palestinian people’s right to defend themselves.

Regarding Palestinian reconciliation, Mishaal affirmed Hamas’ dedication to reconciliation, underlining the movement’s efforts in that regard including the talks taking place in Egypt, which aim to provide a positive atmosphere and provide all conditions for achieving reconciliation before Nov 10.

On the change of the US administration with the election of Barack Obama, Mishaal pointed out that the United States needs change more than the rest of the world due to the erroneous policies of the Bush administration during the past years.

“We as Palestinians and Arab are prepared to deal with open minds with any American administration that respects the region’s interests and our people’s choices, standards and legitimate rights,” Mishaal said.