Britain, Canada, Australia issue travel warnings


New Delhi : Britain, Canada and Australia have advised their citizens visiting India not to travel to Mumbai.

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The US have not yet updated any travel advisory.

This follows reports that terrorists were specifically looking for British and US passport holders at the two five-star hotels which they attacked late Wednesday night in Mumbai.

The British foreign office advised against “all non-essential travel to Mumbai until further notice”.

“If you are currently in Mumbai we advise you to stay indoors and monitor the media,” it added, noting that they should contact their travel agent for information as some flights have been cancelled.

The foreign office also gave Mumbai and Britain phones numbers for British citizens or their relatives to contact for information.

“We advise all British nationals in the city to stay indoors until local authorities advise that it is safe to go outside,” the notice added.

The Australian foreign ministry’s travel advice also had a similar tenor, advising nationals to exercise a “high degree of caution” and asked them to avoid travel to the city.

“Pay close attention to your personal security at all times and monitor the media and other local information sources for information about possible new safety or security risks,” it said.

The advisory includes contact numbers in Mumbai and Australia for information.

The Canadian High Commission in New Delhi has also released a travel advisory.

The US state department has not yet updated its notices on its travel warning page for India, with the last cautionary notice being for tourists to be careful against terrorist attacks around Diwali.