BJP’s Gujarat headquarters go wi-fi for polls


Ahmedabad : The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has converted its Gujarat headquarters here into a wi-fi zone for the busy election period and enrolled young tech-savvy volunteers to help design its online campaign to woo upwardly mobile voters.

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The party office now has seamless internet connectivity and each of the volunteers has a personal laptop.

“There are a number of poll arrangement committees formed by the party to carry out campaigning work in the 26 Lok Sabha constituencies of Gujarat and the task necessitates party workers to remain online for a long time. Now all the volunteers at the BJP’s state headquarters have their personal laptops,” Shashiranjan Yadav, chief of the BJP’s IT Cell in Gujarat, told IANS.

He said the BJP in Gujarat has registered a number of young tech-savvy volunteers from various colleges and universities of Ahmedabad and they devote considerable time at the party’s state headquarters to design the online poll campaigns. They also help co-ordinate and monitor the progress of the tasks set out in various constituencies of the state.

Yadav said this is probably the first time any political party in Gujarat has converted a party headquarters into a wi-fi zone for monitoring poll-related work for the entire state.

A huge amount of data on the party’s poll-related tasks is continuously updated for the use of the workers, he said.

The wi-fi connectivity, however, is not permanent for the state BJP headquarters and would be taken off when the elections conclude. Yadav asserted that more technology inputs were being used for campaigning work than during the previous polls.

“You can now see youngsters sitting in the party headquarters with their laptops while going about their work all day. The emphasis on use of technology for all poll-related work has made the task of monitoring easier for all the leaders and workers in the Gujarat unit of the party,” Yadav said.