When Aamir was shooed away by Ganguly’s guards


Kolkata: Film star Aamir Khan was not allowed inside former Indian cricket skipper Sourav Ganguly’s palatial residence by the guards who told the actor disdainfully that the batsman was not at home. However, the guards cannot be faulted, as Aamir was in disguise.

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The celebrated actor was on the latest leg of his two-week country tour in different get-ups as part of his unique way of promoting his forthcoming film “3 Idiots”.

Attired in a black shirt, sporting a hippy-like mop of hair, and carrying a bag, Aamir walked the streets of Kolkata asking people the way to Ganguly’s residence and sought entry into the house claiming to be a fan of the cricketer. “I want to take a photo with him.”

Aamir dropped his disguise after he was refused entry and was warmly received by the cricketer once he returned home after scoring a ton in the Ranji Trophy outing against Delhi.

Ganguly took Aamir to his sprawling drawing room full of trophies and prizes and aesthetic paintings which astounded the actor.

“Why did you retire so soon. From fans’ point of view we all felt you should have played more,” Aamir said, as his wife Kiran Rao nodded approvingly.

Aamir and Kiran wound up their visit to Ganguly’s place with a sumptuous Bengali dinner. But before taking leave, Aamir presented a ring to the cricketer.

“Whenever you see this ring, you will remember me,” said Aamir.

“Thank you. But without the ring also I will recognise you,” Ganguly replied.