No official communication yet on Pakistan probe into 26/11 – Indian Foreign Minister


Kolkata (India) : India Saturday said it is yet to receive any official communication from Pakistani authorities on its dossier on the Mumbai attacks, a day after Islamabad said its probe into the terror strikes will be made by public by Monday or Tuesday.

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“I have not received any official communication from the Pakistan authorities till now,” External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee told reporters after flagging off the Murshidabad Express from the Kolkata terminus here.

Mukherjee said unless he received official communication on the matter through diplomatic channels, he could not comment “irrespective of whether it comes from the lips of the Pakistan Prime Minister or from any other Pakistani authority.”

The External Affairs Minister was reacting to Pakistan Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani’s statement that the report on its probe into the Mumbai terror attacks would be made public either on Monday or Tuesday.

“My point is clear and simple.Until and unless I receive official communication from the Pakistan authorities on the outcome of the investigation it is difficult for me to make any comment,” Mukherjee said.

Meanwhile, Indian Army Chief Gen Deepak Kapoor said terror infrastructure in Pakistan is “existing and active”, saying that the number of terror camps there in between 30 and 50.

Even as Pakistan seeks to convey an impression that it is taking action against terrorists and their infrastructure, Gen Kapoor told PTI that the infrastructure was still active.

The number of camps “on the other side” can “safely” be placed at between 30 and 50, he said, adding that there had been a significant increase in such camps from 32 in 2005 to 53 last year.

Kapoor, who has served as chief of the Northern Command which includes Jammu and Kashmir, said by and large most of these camps are located parallel along the Line of Control (LoC) and between 10 and 50 km away from the LoC. The numbers of these camps have been varying at times.

“I would rather put it that the infrastructure is active. Yes I would put it that way. I would not talk about the numbers specifically right now now because of the fact that some of these are closed. But infrastructure is existing and active.”